Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An exciting new planting today!!!

.........I am so happy to say that I got some good work done outside today. I finally trimmed some bushes and a small tree that are near my front door. They were about to eat up the house which is not a good thing!  And, I'm excited to show you the new things I planted. But first, here are some other plants that are looking good enough to share..........

I cut a few flowers and placed them here in my garden trug on the porch and thus started the picture taking.

          Notice the yellow and the white flowers and we will go out back so you can see the plants they  came from.

This is a type of marigold and has the strongest smell of any plant I have ever smelled - the foilage, not the flowers.

I love to stand with the hose and water this area. Several different plants are very fragrant.

The white flowers came from this small tree. The name of this one escapes me right now. It is in the same family as lemon verbena but, this one has a great almond fragrance.

When I put this here I thought it would be a small shrub!  I could barely reach one branch to cut. This is the best it has ever bloomed. Oh, I just thought of the name - Aloysia.

I wish someone could identify this one for me. Several of these come up every spring. I think it is a wildflower. And, I suppose I might could find it in my Florida wildflower book if I took the time.

The blossoms almost look like an aster.  It grows really tall - taller than I am at 5' 2". Anyone know what it is?

This is the way the buds look. Whatever it is I am happy to have it here in the backyard.

A view looking over the blue eye grass onto the back corner.  You see the caladiums are filling in good. They keep slowly coming up and growing. And, Big Ears continues to stand guard.

We're out front now showing one of my favorite combined plantings in this big pot. The tall one is black and blue salvia. I know you have seen this before but, it had declined through the winter and has now come back better than ever.

The drooped over one is onion chives which has been blooming nicely. The lighter blue you see is our wonderful sky showing through between the leaves. I love the way our sky looks here. It can be the bluest blue and have the biggest, low to the ground, perfect, puffy clouds.

Black and blue.

The pineapple is developing nicely. But now, the reveal of my three newest plants!!! Ta daaaaaaaa..........

Mushrooms!  Glass mushrooms. They just sprang up today.

I hurriedly transplanted this ground cover around them. Hurriedly because a storm was near with thunder and lightning and it is not smart to be outside, under trees with that happening in central Florida!

The plant will look better when it catches on, gets new growth and fills in.

I love these things!  I already had the two pieces for this one.

 The other pieces came from Old Time Pottery for a few dollars.  I used E-6000 to glue them together.
Now if, in a later post, I tell you I need to go outside and wash my mushrooms with windex you will understand, won't you?


  1. Love your gardens. I had a black & blue but I think this past winter got it. I really like it.

  2. Hi Betty..
    Love, love your gardens. How beautiful.
    You are lucky to have such a wonderful climate!!

    The glass mushrooms are darling.
    I've been wanting to make some glass totems for the gardens for a while now.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day!


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