Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pinterest, Supplies, Collections and Crazy Quilt Squares......

......You might need to be a crafter to appreciate this post.  At least to understand how exciting it is to get a new stash of supplies!  I have been so influenced by Pinterest lately and have found so many things there that I would like to make.  Coming home from working a wedding this week I turned into The Sewing Studio (since I was going right by there) to browse a little. I saw many, many things that I would have loved to bring home but here is the lot that I decided on........

.......I didn't have in mind an exact thing that these will be used on and they more than likely will go on several different things. Most of the ribbon will probably be used on cards.

I have seen hundreds of things on Pinterest that the big fluffy white flower would be good for.  The same for the other fabric flowers....

The really neat card that the set of three jeweled flowers came on is a throw away but, oh no, it will definitely be used!

In addition to the little things, notice what they are all lying on - some yardage of osnaburg fabric and on top of it some wool felt.

Keep all this pictured in your mind until you see it appear some time again in a post. Even if I never made a thing with any of it I would get my moneys worth just enjoying looking at it, storing it in a special box (along with similar things that I already had), and knowing that it is there when I need to find just the right thing for a project!

Now, here is a collection, some of which I have had for a long time. I had them even before cupcakes became the rage. There must be a million or two cupcakes shown on Pinterest!! I was surprised at just how many of these paper cups I have when I gathered them up and placed them in this glass bowl where they can be seen and enjoyed.

This may be the only use a lot of these poor things ever get but they make me happy just seeing how cute they look sitting here in the kitchen every day.

I showed these quilt pictures in one of my first posts but I know most of you looking now probably didn't see them then. Besides I lightened them up to use here and they look better. I have been seeing and "pinning" so many crazy-quilt pictures that made me decide to show mine again here and then "pin" them on Pinterest so others that love crazy-quilts can "repin" them to their boards.

     The ones I have seen make this quilt look plain! Makes me wish I had put a lot more stitching on mine.          

You are seeing little shots of one quilt and not all the quilt. I have made three of these and may try to get one more done. I am going to have to live to be about a hundred and fifty to get everything that I would like to do done. Boy, I need to speed it up a bit! Need to get back to The Sewing Studio to get some of that burlap I saw.  Bye for now.



  1. Plain or not, I love the second quilt down!

  2. Good Morning Betty,
    I love your 'stash'!
    We all have our 'stashes'.... some are gardening related, sewing related(not mine though),quilting related..etc..
    Feels good to have creative things with-in reach. Gets our creative juices flowing.

    Love that jar of cupcake papers. WOW.

    Beautiful quilts too.

    You are a creative type.. so you really need 'stashes' of goodies :)

    Warm wishes..


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