Thursday, May 17, 2012

A strange assortment of subjects and pictures.......

............Boy, it is difficult for me to "get back in the groove" when I get slowed down or stopped all together!  Too much time has gone by again without a post from me.

So, here is my lunch today..............

These are peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  It is still difficult for me to chew much of anything so I am still looking for things to eat that are a little on the soft side.

This was quite tasty and how many times can you eat ten sandwiches for lunch!  Making fans with the three strawberries made them seem like way more than they were.

I love hot cooked apples and bisquits for breakfast. This time I heated up applesauce and put it over two biscuits.  I always take out the middle of the biscuits that I eat - don't particularly like all that dry fluff. You could have some bacon or ham with this and it is a great breakfast. Of course, I had my two mugs of coffee too.

Now to show you some new products - new to me, that is. I haven't used the foot soak but am looking forward to it soon. It came highly recommended by a friend. You can find it at Walmart for a very low cost. This is a two pound bag and you only use a half cup per treatment.  The epsom salts help relieve aches and pains, the peppermint essential oil revitalises your senses and the third ingredient baking soda eliminates and prevents foot odor. I may just make myself some peppermint tea to drink while I use mine.

The other product is this lavender soap I found at Big Lots.  I haven't tried it yet either other than enjoying the great fragrance. And appreciating the wonderful packaging - that will sell me every time.

It appears to be a quality product, triple refined, made and distributed by Shugar Soapworks Inc. Los Angeles, California. It is a white, oval 7 oz. bar.

This picture shows a more true color. I think it would be a great little gift, especially if you tie a pretty ribbon around it and place it in a special little bag. I may just go back and get two or three more for that very purpose.

Can you guess what this is??  Of course it is a duck or swan but how is it being used?  It's in my house but I hardly ever see it, thank goodness!

The swan is etched in the glass of a shower door in my tiny hall bathroom.  All the other design is coming from the textured glass.  I am sure you all have seen that kind at some time.  The design is showing through the white curtain I hung over the shower doors to hide the so out-of-date-looking design.  When the early morning sun shines through the bathroom window for just a short time the swan appears.  This particular morning it was really bright and I have to admit, made a pretty look through the curtain on the door.

The last subject and seemingly out of season pictures are of the box where I am storing ideas, recipes, party plans etc. for next Christmas.

The reason I am showing it now is because I had it out last week and did a good bit of planning and organizing for Christmas.  And, to think, it isn't even "Christmas in July" yet.  I suppose I am doing "Christmas in July" in May. I am so excited about Christmas because I plan to do a lot of new decorating. I will use mostly things I already have but not many of the decorations that I have used over and over again. It will be an old fashioned kind of primitive theme - I have visions of crockery, wooden boxes, baskets, lot's of greenery...........

I got this special box because last year I never found the recipes etc. that I had gathered up to use. I spent a bunch of time looking for them but had to start the planning over since I never located them! I am putting magazines, books, loose recipes etc. in this box and as you can see am making notes of ideas and page numbers.

This dedicated, clearly marked box will be easy to see on the shelf in my supply closet.  I expect I will have it out several times before the big week arrives. One thing that has spurred me on to start planning is because of what I am seeing on Pinterest. Soooooooo many neat ideas! Anyone else busy thinking of Christmas yet?  It's really not that far away, you know, will be here before we know it!


  1. Hi Betty..
    That looks like a tasty and healthy breakfast.

    I love that foot soak. I think that my bag of that stuff is in the cupboard. I need to pull it out and use it!

    You are so clever to put a plain white shower curtain over the outdated shower door.
    In-expensive, and you can change it out any time you want a new look.

    Hope you're feeling good, and having a good day.


  2. Christmas in July sounds like you are getting your "act" together.

  3. Healthy breakfast, for a healing mouth or not! I love the Primitive style and now you've got me wanting Christmas to come faster!!!

  4. You are the first blogger to mention Christmas. I was looking through some of my things just the other day.
    I had to look twice...what cute little banana sandwiches. I never thought of putting peanut butter between the slices. What a cute treat for a little one too.
    I'll have to look for that soap. What a neat little gift.


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