Monday, May 21, 2012

Resurrection Time..............

..............We have been getting some good rain and things have resurrected!  Especially the resurrection fern.............

It now looks like this and for weeks has looked............. this!  A good, hard rain always brings it back to life. It is on a palm tree trunk which grew sideways for a long time and then headed upwards.

My Tennessee lilies are blooming nicely.

I call them Tennessee lilies because my friend hauled my first one from her family's yard in Difficult, Tennessee. Now there is a strange name for a town!

I think it has been a long time since I showed this little angel. You can see he sits on his pedestal near the sideways tree.

I had to trim the creeping ficus off of him. He was becoming the hidden angel.

A beautiful tangerine color hibiscus. 

I've shown this Clair Matin rose many times. It's one of my good repeat bloomers and is darker in the cooler weather than it will be when we have consistant 90's temperature.

I love the lantern on the parlor maple!  So far I am just getting one at a time and they are smaller than some years.

This is the wild petunia which I have a fairly large clump of and single ones are showing up here and there in the backyard.  Bring them on! The more the better - large clumps hiding the Florida sand!

A healthy nasturtium plant but still only one small blossom?  It cannot take our hot sun and does better in the winter.

Caladium - up close. I always think these look like they were painted by an artist with a brush.

Another type of Caladium.

And, one more. I'm not showing my favorite because I showed it in the last garden post.

An understatement with one bloom on onion chives. But, isn't it neat with all the raindrops.

Up close of the petunia which is in the urn that I planted up not long ago and have shown a few times already.

And now last, the pineapple is not a baby any longer but is a junior. I think it might just develop into a full size, grownup pineapple.


  1. Oh, my, the rebirth of the fern is amazing! And that have to share how good it tastes!

  2. I love anything from Tenn. I have a few plants that a good friend sent to me from Tenn. I'm trying to get as much as I can to grow here that is from Tenn.
    What brought you to this state?

  3. Flowers look pretty. You do a nice job of capturing them..DH

  4. What an interesting fern. I enjoy seeing things that don't grow here.


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