Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Kitchen Corner........

.........This is part one of my Christmas kitchen - one corner, two short walls.  It has been so difficult for me to organize this post, to try to show the pictures in order. I have taken so long and, I am not sure that I accomplished any good order but, I am probably the only one that would know any difference anyway! So, here goes......

The big picture but, this doesn't show it all.  In a later picture you will notice that I added some cards in the empty holder in the middle of this picture. I was striving for a homespun look and didn't use a lot of ceramics that I usually do,  adding the crockery bowls, jugs, wire basket, hanging iron balls, etc.

Looking from the opposite corner across the little butcher block table. There is a little more walking room than this picture looks like but it is a very small kitchen with a LOT of stuff. Hopefully it is coordinated enough to not look like a cluttered mess. Don't forget, you can click on a picture to make it bigger, except the ones already large. Just click your arrow to return to the blog.

Showing some close-ups from left to right. The goofy moose on the chair has been a favorite of mine. He sits right here with the wooden angels every year.
The old high-chair just under the chair on the wall.
On top of the wooden cabinet, the jug that the string snowman is hiding is a recent Goodwill purchase. Since having a blog I have developed a fondness for bottlebrush trees (always thought they were ugly) and now I am using several, most of them in jars.

I made this snowman just this week.

Just to the right on the tall painted cabinet. This looks way too full in the picture but in person I think it looks better having depth perception.

Behind the painted cabinet up on the wall is the small shelf.  The iron balls were another recent purchase at a used merchandise store - four for $4. I thought when I saw them that there must be something I could do with them and ended up hanging them with a strip of ticking and a big bow.  The hook was in the ceiling when I moved here and had remained empty until now. Candles DO look better when they are lit. I knew this one could not stay burning long, but just to get this picture made I melted a little of the wreath above it. haha.
On to the right sits the  low, white cabinet with these things.  I put the flat, knit, gift bag over a jar to hold the cinnamon sticks.

This area always has been the place for my spiral Christmas tree (not using this year) where the tiny gingerbread men ornaments always hung. I hated not to use them and decided they can hang here still - just on something different.

Don't you just love the natural look of fruit at Christmastime.

Starting high on the left wall, showing the left side of the big shelf. I have never used the old jar here for Christmas but I like it with the red candle. I brought the sewing machine drawer out of storage to stand on end here with the white yarn tree inside.

Even though I was trying to make this whole corner look different, I couldn't not use my wire tree and put it back in the middle spot on the shelf.
And, the far right side of the shelf I left the old large crock with vintage wooden utensils in place but, inserted a battery candle - wish I had thought to turn it on for the picture.

A better view of the hanging balls with the big bow.

For a year or two I have seen the red string used a lot. I think the cones look Christmasy and like this large one here in the wire basket with balls of string, big bells and cinnamon sticks alongside the painted wooden stocking.
If you are like me and are a detail person you probably enjoyed this, otherwise it might look like a crowded mess!  I hope you will come back for part two of the kitchen in a few days. My annual Christmas brunch is this Saturday so those pictures will probably come next. 


  1. Sooo beautiful..I can't wait to see it in person.....DH

  2. Betty, looks great, I love getting the Christmas ornaments off of the attic, always a new way of displaying them.

  3. So cozy and warm. I'm in love with that Wrought-Irn Christmas tree.

  4. So many fun things to comment on!! I love it all. It is funny... when I go to the Goodwill store and something catches my eye, I think "I wonder what Aunt Betty would do with this?"

  5. You did a beautiful job with your kitchen corner!! I love all the little vignettes. Absolutely charming!
    Oh, I have a spindle candle like the one you have on the chair hanging on the wall. Actually, I have three in different sizes that I use in my angel vignette on the fireplace mantle. Love them.

  6. It looks fabulous,I don't have any decorations up yet!! You have more decorations in your kitchen than I even own!! I love the polka dot stocking!


  7. Just now catching up on your blog. You have a great eye for design and beauty! I have a spool of that red & white baker's twine - I really enjoy using it!


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