Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Outside......

.....I don't do a lot outside and some of you will have seen these things before as I repeat pretty much the same thing year after year, out here in the front.

The big balls on ribbon always brighten up the arbor area. It really doesn't take much to give a festive look.  I have a very large yard so it is a good thing that I don't overdo out here like I have a tendency to do inside.


A few steps away from the arbor is the big fountain where I use three more large ornaments.
It's hard to see the water but the fountain is working and the balls are floating.

To the front of the house positioned amongst some flower pots is this Santa flag.  It may be the last year for him as he is getting faded.

On the left of the house front is my winter banner. Looks cold, doesn't it?  Actually, we are having a chilly day here in central Florida.

I know, I always say the same thing about this one - I love this goofy snowman!

Starting up the front walk and standing among some bushes is another frosty.
On the opposite side of the walk hangs a wreath on the wreath holder which sits on a little built up wall. I think the builder knew I was coming!


We have reached the tiny front porch where this old black bench holds seasonal decor - never any room left to sit on.

A close-up of the out-doors Santa with his snow shoes ready.
Fitting in with the outdoor look is a metal, wire handled box sitting next to the Santa.  This was a "Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch" container one year. I wonder if Lynda recognizes it. It was red when she gave them to us with some goodies inside.

Right above the bench on the wall is this fake windowbox.  This also gets changed out several times a year, according to the season.

At the end of the bench is a container from our brunch two weeks ago.  The next time you see this, it will probably be black. I plan to use it with a flowerpot on it year round.

And....right by the door is my mitten decoration, this year hanging on the old sled. 

After taking the other picture I moved the antique sleigh bells to the sled because they were not being noticed on the black bench.

The front door is black this year and the burlap wreath is pretty new so I dedided to leave it in place and just added some fresh greenery for Christmas.

Now we are around in the back on the screen porch. Didn't do much at all out here - just put the plaid cloth on the table and brought the old wooden box with a handle out of storage, filled it with greenery, jars with candles and a few bells. The red bow was all it needed to finish the look.

My plans were to use this on the butcher block table in the kitchen but decided it was just a bit too much for there.
I have been slow getting posts up lately and now it is close to Christmas and I have a lot more Christmas to show - now that everyone is probably too busy to look.  But, I will try to do one a day for awhile so check back if you have the time.

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