Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Kitchen, part two.......

In my last post I showed one side of the kitchen and this one will complete the Christmas kitchen.

The snowmen were put out in their usual spot in the window and the next morning was a chilly frosty day - just the perfect look for a quick picture. It didn't last long. It seems that most people have moved on to different styles since this type of snowmen were popular, but I still like to use these here. I make no apologies for an old fashioned look for Christmas. In my mind there is no place for modern  things at Christmas.

I noticed the upside down words on his ribbon, but after it was too late to reproduce the picture. This one and the following four will be close-ups of the individual snow people.




Above the the snowmen line-up, I changed out the curtain trim with new ticking and added the Christmas greenery, etc.

One night the lurking Santa chose this spot to hang around.

To bring in more of the ticking fabric I made a wide runner to go over the white cloth on the small butcher block table.

Also trimmed a towel to hang on the stove front.

Back up to the right of the window, in the corner where this rustic stool sits on the counter top, is this little grouping.  The tiny cow pitcher is a new addition - a surprise that came in the mail last week from my niece, Wanda! Isn't she cute sitting here. Also in the surprise box was a little bird figurine.
On to the left, put here partly to hide an unattractive electrical plug-in.
I mentioned earlier how I did not unpack a tub of Christmas ceramics but did
make an exception with the big snowman cookie jar.

To the left of the stove, an old machine cabinet drawer used as a shelf. And, here you get the first peep of something I made from a Goodwill red sweater - a mug cozy made from one of the cuffs.

In another post I will show you what I had in mind when I went searching for the red sweater. This was an "extra". I don't have two of the red transfer coffee pots. This is the same one you just saw on the stool where it ended up, replaced by the old jar in the picture before this one.

Up on the window inside wall - I wanted you to notice that even mother bird has done a bit of decorating with a Christmas sprig.
Fresh Kumquats (supplied by my good friend Deborah) in my tea pitcher.

Soap dispenser and snowflake scrub

I love this "peppermint" soap!
 Last, and I think maybe my favorite, the rooster and chickens all decked out in their wreaths, keeping watch over the kitchen from the refrigerator top.


  1. You do a marvelous job with pictures. The kitchen is beautiful.. Your brunch was wonderful as always DH

  2. Hi Betty!
    I just love all the cute Christmas décor!!

    Years ago, we used to put up 7 trees, and make a "Santa Street", and a "Snowman Alley".
    Your cute snowmen reminded me of that.

    Love the way that you decorated the curtain too.... so darling!!

    Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season.

  3. I'm on your actual blog now instead of looking at the post from e-mail. Your new picture heading is beautiful. Enjoy seeing all your lovely winter/Christmas decorations!


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