Sunday, December 23, 2012

Festive in the Living Room....

.......Time is drawing very near for the big day! I hope everyone is 'very near' ready. I am trying to do some quick posts to show more of my decorations before Christmas, hoping someone has a little time to look. The first pictures are actually in the foyer........

And, I have to say once more that this whole area is dark on a sunny day so it doesn't matter whether it is daylight or night it is hard to get good pictures. On the little table here is a small metal terrarium -   I found this at a very good price (on sale for 40% off plus a 20% coupon off of my total)  when I thought I had been appointed to supply the centerpiece for a tea table for the Rose Society which would have been raffled (the centerpiece, not the Society).

I must say I was glad to find out someone else was doing the centerpiece as I was going to have a hard time giving this away.

This has turned out to be one of my favorite spots in my decorating this year.

I have had a "lurching" Santa who shows up in a different location every day. So, one morning this is where I found him.  He has had a spot on my facebook status once a day for days!

Moving on into the room and stopping at the end table next to to the sofa and love seat, you see a white tree, a metal reindeer and a "sweater" vase.

One day back in the fall I headed to Good Will on a mission to find a red sweater for the purpose of making a covering for the vase which I already had. 

The only red sweater I saw in the whole place was just perfect!

Here it is with a burning candle inside.  For safety, I would never burn a candle in here unless it is contained in something else first - like the metal piece of a tea light candle or a votive in a little holder.

I was going to be so happy to find a red sweater to use the cuff to make one candle vase but, look what it had on the front!  It worked great to make a small snowflake pillow.  Snowflakes were to be somewhat of a theme for me because I had bought table linens at Target the day after Christmas (1/2 price) last year, with snowflake designs. So, when I saw this big snowflake, red sweater I didn't have to deliberate, even for a minute as to whether it would be going home with me!
While we are near the pillow, I will show you Santa's new dress-up hat I made.  I saw one similar to this one on Pinterest and knew I wanted one.  I already had the piece of brown linen and easily found the white, soft, fuzzy fabric and ribbon and trim for the bow. After I got it made I asked myself, what are you going to do with it? My answer, I don't have a clue!  So, it is just here on display. It fits my head and I suppose paired with the right outfit I could wear it or, maybe not.
With the other cuff I made this cozie for my coffee cup.  Look who got comfortable here!

Along with the snowflake table linens I got five of these large yarn balls with snowflakes.  Put them here with a little greenery, and various size silver bells. Bells seems to be my secondary theme.

A David Tutera (going to one of his shows in February. YAY!) slim battery taper was the finishing touch.  I have had my eye on a set of two of these candles for a long time but they were kind of expensive so that day when I could use my 40% coupon off a regular priced item and the 20% more, I decided I could get them.
I have not been putting up a big tree in this little house lately but when I saw the top hat topper I had to have something to put it on! I brought this fat, short, table-top tree out of the garage and managed to squeeze it into the corner here. I got it set up on the floor and decorated and in it's fat shortness it looked ridiculous. So, I moved it over closer to the t.v. and then realized I had no way there to plug in the lights. Took it out on the back porch and put it on top of the table and decided that would never "do"! Brought it back in to the original corner along with a plant table off of the porch and while not ideal, I could handle it that way. But, by that time, the poor thing looked like it had been in a battle. The first time I tried to pick it up I forgot, you can't pick up a two-section tree by the top part!!! By the time I got it back to the original spot, I had to gather up balls from all over the place.

Just love the top hat! Which, by the way, was 40% off and 20% more!

I brought this antique sled out of the garage to use in the house for the first time. And, there he is again.
The white desk is totally full of Christmas.


Top left shelf.

Top middle.

Top right.


Middle left.

Middle right. NOEL is my favorite for this year. I also saw this on Pinterest.

Bottom left.

Bottom right.
Oh, I change my mind, Charlie Brown's little tree might be my favorite.

Top hat, NOEL, little white terrarium, Charlie Brown's Tree, sweater pillow and cozies, snowflake yarn balls?? I don't think I have a favorite this year.
I almost forgot to show you this snowflake extra large bath towel  (yep, Target - half price). It makes a nice "throw" for here at the end of the sofa.
I am staying home the day after Christmas this year. Don't need to be seeing any more bargains!


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  1. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty. If I let myself, I could become envious! :-) My next visit may have to be around the holidays so that I can see all of this in person. Or maybe I should have you come up here and show me how it's done :-D


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