Saturday, December 29, 2012

The End...........

............this will be the last 2012 Christmas pictures from me. Just a few more made on Christmas day.

I used the same table runner/napkins/centerpiece for Christmas day as for my Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch.

That is wild-coffee berries in the vases instead of flowers. I went out in the backyard, still in my gown, early Christmas morning to get the berries, thinking no one would see me that early, on that day but, wouldn't you know, along came a neighbor returning from a very early walk! And, yes he saw me because he waved.




An appetizer/dessert table. Baked brie with cranberries, nuts and syrup topping, spiced pecans and a pecan pie.  The red velvet cake was still in the refrigerator. I am just now realizing, everything had pecans!

My daughter and son-in-law and our good friends, the Simpsons.
Everyone that ate at my table this day had to have their picture made wearing Santa's fancy hat.
And, now it is time to blow out the candles until next year. A little sad, isn't it, when it is all over. I love Christmas time and try as hard as I can to make it nice. I hope the good spirit of Christmas will continue on through the new year for each and every one of you.


  1. You can't title a post "The End" and not expect my heart to skip a beat!!!! Now that I've settled down, have a wonderful New Year!!!!!

  2. Sorry if I startled you! ha. And, wishing you and your family a very happy 2013. I look forward to your shares.


  3. Thanks for sharing all your lovely Christmas decor in previous posts! Nice you had special family and friends to enjoy your Christmas Day dinner. The table looks beautiful.

  4. Gosh, my heart did a skip when I read that caption.


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