Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Butterflies and a Few Others.......

 I often look out the window and see something flying, grab the camera and out I go........

This time it was this Queen butterfly

Here she is enjoying the red salvia.

Occasionally I spot one of my favorites, the large yellow swallowtail.  I don't see this one as much since the purple lantana has died out. This almond aloysia tree attracts many flying creatures.

A Monarch  

Love the Spicebush Swallowtail, too. 

I find the Zebra Longwing among the most difficult to photograph.

They are like hummingbirds in that they will not be still long enough to get a good picture.

Now, these dragonflies are a different story - they find the tip of a pinnacle and relax. I usually have plenty of time to get close to them. They remind me of tiny airplanes. I wonder if the Wright brothers got inspiration from these.

I love their transparent wings.

I have a good shot at many of these every day.

YES, I see YOU too. He is my buddy


I never get tired of watching her.


  1. Beautiful!!! I love looking at your pictures! I especially like the one where it looks like the dragonfly is doing a handstand. lol. Isn't nature wonderful! We haven't seen a lot of butterflies around here this year. With the hundreds of flowers/plants we have in our yard you would think that our place would be butterfly heaven. We make sure that we always have plants that the butterflies love. Hopefully they will start coming around more often.

  2. I like when you go a wandering in your garden. Beautiful shots, Aunt Betty! Your garden attracts so much life and your appreciation for it really shows.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You have a quite the array of creatures in your backyard!


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