Monday, August 11, 2014

My Mossy Summer Garden........

This may be one that only I will like. I have always liked to see moss growing on things. I think it is interesting and sometimes very pretty.  This summer has been a good moss growing year. 

My favorite moss covered place is this old bench, sheltered in place near the huge camphor tree stump. The whole semi-private area is a favorite of mine.

The pine cone has been wedged here for many months.  The resurrection fern has been slowly growing here this summer, also.

I decided to dislodge the cone and place it on the seat.  Here is where it will stay until a squirrel or some act of nature moves it. Do any of you get used to some insignificant thing such as this and want it to stay as is?

On the base of the big stump.

The same area showing resurrection fern too.

A moss-covered exposed root situated in the dry creek bed.

For the first time, I have moss growing on the edges of some stepping stones along the path......

.....and, on the base of a big palm tree.  The leaves here are part of a milkweed plant, also a free range wanderer.....

.....on a pile of storm debris, along with air-plants and lichen.....

.....another root.....

.....on another tree.  I am telling you, folks, it is all over the place in the mostly shady areas.....

Full or empty, turned over or upright, I find clay pots to be decorative especially if they turn a nice shade of green.

The big clump of whatever it is, in the little rock garden is covered with moss. It sometimes looks more green than it does right now.

I noticed the big pot beside the clump as a choice for this post too.  I really like the green on it.  It (and the other pot) probably cannot be rightfully called moss but the look is similar.
So, there you have it, my mossy summer garden.  You couldn't know how glad I am to get to that last sentence. I had this whole post finished and when I posted it something went wrong and it was all messed up. Words over pictures, etc. Now, I am holding my breath until I publish this version! With all the time I have spent, I am hoping someone besides me likes it!


  1. I love moss too! We don't have so very much of it, although we can find some back in the woods. I much prefer a mossy pot to a fresh new one!

    1. It is sometimes odd what pleases our fancy, isn't it.

  2. It is so frustrating to work on a blog post and then have something go haywire!
    I like moss, too, and find it pretty. We don't have much of it here as our yard is not at all shady. Your pictures look cool (temperature) even though I am sure it is very hot and muggy where you are right now.

    1. Are you still using Google Chrome? I still cannot upload photos with Blogger so I use Google Chrome but It is a little harder for me. I think this time I uploaded and then somehow got changed to Blogger and it was a mess. It IS still hot and muggy here.


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