Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Wedding ........

  Recently, I assisted my daughter Carrie with one of her Destination Occasion weddings All the weddings are nice but, I was especially excited about this one because of the theme the bride chose - Pride and Prejudice. And so many things seemed just perfect. Starting with the venue location at beautiful.......

......Cypress Grove Park in southeast Orlando.

It truly is a beautiful place and especially for this wedding. The bride had only seen pictures but made a good choice of the venue for her special day. All these pictures are snapshots and not from the professional photographer.

The wedding was held in early morning which is a fine time when you are here from England and this being a destination wedding with no guests attending - just Emma and Peter. Emma is very much a Pride and Prejudice fan. And, she looks like she could have just stepped out of the story! Beautiful bride! They live only ten minutes away from where the movie was filmed.

Carrie often goes beyond the expected with her planning and provision. This time she secretly discovered Emma's favorite quote from the book,  printed it and a short announcement on book "pages".

The bride was surprised and seemed very pleased when she saw the pages on the cake table.

Another surprise, she found this old book and used it for carrying the rings. Unlike most of the destination brides, Emma did not invite Mickey and Minnie to the wedding but, seemed happy he was included inside the ring book

The ceremony took place outside on the back lawn area and this small intimate room with appropriate furnishings was good for the cake and champagne and pictures

The nice built-in cabinet is usually totally empty.  Carrie asked me to select some things from my décor and collections that might add to the ambiance.

You will notice another copy of Pride and Prejudice on the shelf.  This one was loaned by the florist.

Emma ordered the paper wedding cake. Her mother spent hours making heart garlands, etc. from book (yes, Pride and Prejudice) pages. They will be seen in part two. Notice the cake stand which looks like it is from the story era. If I remember correctly Carrie purchased it especially for this cake.

The small cake that you had to look close at before knowing it wasn't real satin, lace and beads was from a local baker, Lisa Dorn.  I have never seen prettier fondant work.

Very well done.

The bride and groom brought their own Mr. and Mrs. forks. The words are at the base of the tines.
I am going to stop here with part one and will do part two in a few days from now. It will include pictures from an upstairs Brides Room and outside shots.

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  1. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite romance story. Such a pretty setting, and a beautiful couple!


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