Friday, August 1, 2014

My Summer Jungle......

........I seldom show or even take long shot pictures of my yard. Because of the lack of depth perception with pictures, what I see in person and what I see on pictures is so different.  But, with this post you will see mostly across-the-yard pictures.  The back yard in particular has almost taken on a rain forest jungle look even though it still has structure and about everything is a plant that belongs.

What you don't see in this one is the path between the big agapanthus in the front and the purple blooming tibouchina.

This one and the next will be about the only close-up pictures.

This bush which was supposed to be a dwarf, by the way, sort of makes up for us in central Florida not being able to grow clematis.  Although this is not a vine, the flowers remind me of some of the clematis vines. 

Moving on a little farther into the backyard.

We just walked to the back side of the last picture.

The area where you see all the air potato vines on the trees, (it's all over the place, really) is my neighbor's property.  I don't allow that vine to grow on mine. The State of Florida doesn't want it growing either.

In the foreground here you see native petunia plants. The next time I get my weed whacker out these will get leveled down a bit.

A female cardinal just joined our tour. And I also see a very healthy air potato vine growing on the big tree which will get yanked down as soon as I finish this post!

Looking back across the yard in the opposite direction  where my yard borders the backdoor neighbor's. You see assorted ground covers and trees.

In closer to the house.

 This is a good place for a variety of ferns, bromeliads and some other shade plants. The morning sun comes in here.  Again, what you cannot see here between the fern behind the little wheelbarrow with the green ball and the giant fern to the right is a path which goes down a slight incline to ........

.....a huge old camphor tree stump which is trying to grow another tree.  I also have two containers of  Christmas cactus nesting on top.

Back up from the little side path.

This bed is wide and  you don't see many of the plants that are here. There is more jungle up at the next corner but I will stop here. I have already kept you too long.
As always I really appreciate you looking. Without you there would be no real reason to do the blog.


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing all the plants that we don't have here. (and the ones we do).

    1. I am always happy that you visit, Teresa, and appreciate your comments.

  2. I've also found that the pictures I've taken of you whole yard to be so much "less" than what it looks like in real life. You really do have to see it in person to appreciate the layers of green. You've done a better job at photographing it than I did.
    The camphor stump is one of my favorite natural features in you yard.

  3. Florida is good for growing things! Or maybe it's you who is good for growing things!
    Love your little visitor, the cardinal. :)


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