Friday, August 29, 2014

The Old White Chair Looking like Fall.........

As I was gardening this week I noticed my big tibouchina bush had a lot of leaves that have turned orange and it looked like fall.  I'm not sure if that is a natural thing for this bush or whether I have let mine get too dry or something. At any rate, I liked the look and decided right then to do an Old White Chair post using the bush as the backdrop.  After waiting a few days I found out this   morning that most of the orange leaves are on the ground but, I did the photo shoot there anyhow.........

So, I gathered up some of my favorite things and even without the orange leaves background I love the way the pictures turned out. I had a hard time limiting twenty-two pictures to nine.

Here you see that the old chair is near the wooden bench where the stone-face cat takes it's rest. I have a lot of falling leaves from a nearby tree already. They are not especially colorful so I embellished them a little with some of my indoor leaves.

One of my nieces, Wanda, made this basket for me years ago. I have so enjoyed having it and think it is the nicest grapevine basket I have ever seen.  It is showing a little wear and has lost a few twigs over the years but I am glad I have been able to hold on to it.

Also on the bench is my McCormick teapot.  I have had it a long time too. It was old when I bought it.

You already know how I like mossy flower pots.

My favorite fall tea cup is this Johnson Brothers one. I know some of you see it and the teapot  most every fall on at least one post. The cup will be showing up again when I show my fall indoors.

Literally, on my way out the door, I grabbed two magazines with a good look for this autumn scene.  Don't you just love the curlycues of the basket! 

This is enough to make me want to go make a cup of tea and snuggle up in the plaid blanket.
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  1. Oooo! I am looking forward to snuggly blanket season now that we are getting some typical summer weather here. Hot and humid!

  2. I love fall...and I love your Johnson Brothers tea cup, and the plaid throw, and the curlique basket, and orange leaves...and this post!! :)

  3. thanks for linking up to this weeks garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! hope you are enjoying the long weekend! xoxo, tracie

  4. What a beautiful spot to take photos...and sit for a spell! I love the grapevine basket and the pretty plaid throw. It will be time to get out the Fall things when we drive back down to Florida in a few days. Love your photos shoot! Enjoy your holiday weekend! Hugs!


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