Monday, September 22, 2014

Fresh Cuts - Fall


I live near some almost country-like roads and any time I head south from my house I choose one of these to travel.  I have been noticing some goldenrod       growing along one of these. That's something not seen just everywhere around here like it is farther north. I remembered to put my clippers in my car and helped myself to five stems.  I am sure that is against the rules but considering the nature of the area I doubt if anyone cares and I know that no one would notice it missing. I found out one thing - it sure does attract love bugs!  If you are not familiar with love bugs I will let you look that up yourself.

I stuck the goldenrod in a mason jar along with some fall colored coleus.  I love  the combination. It is on the back porch and I brought out the white pumpkin and crow.

This crow is about as close to anything with a Halloween look you will see around my place. I don't like or "do" Halloween, although I think the things of nature and the cute fun things for children are fine. With this done I was still not satisfied with the total look.

I brought out these two pears and that was an improvement but, knew the vignette was still lacking.


The three books was what it needed to change the level and also balance the size of the pumpkin on one side and pears on the other.  Everything is a bit closer together than is best but it works better for close-up pictures.

I declared this good enough and started photographing..
After finishing this post, I decided to make another change, bringing the crow to the front and that's where he remains unless he has decided to move himself.



  1. Such a fun vignette you created. Love the addition of the books and the different colors and textures. Great job.

  2. Hi Betty! Blessings to you & your family. I found your blog through Pinterest. Both your blog & boards on Pinterest are gorgeous! I don't do Halloween either, but have come to appreciate ravens after remembering how God used them to bring food to Elijah in the desert.

    1. I am glad you found me on Pinterest and I will look up your boards. Thank you for stopping by here, hope you come often. And, especially thank you for taking time to comment.


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