Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fresh Cuts.........

..........It is so amazing how little things of life can come together to bring such pleasure.  Of course I believe much of that comes from God. Special things delivered to His people......

I can't remember whether this "fresh cut" post series came to my mind when I saw this metal container Sunday at Bed Bath and Beyond on the marked down table. I just know I liked it and it was cheap!

I know that I really liked this big bundle of eucalyptus for $2.99 at Trader Joes yesterday.
I am hoping it will retain it's color when it dries.
I am not sure whether the flat leaves with berries are eucalyptus but, I think they look like what I saw in a neighbor's yard at my former neighborhood. The wind here is very hard on eucalyptus trees and I have not seen them in our area lately like I once did.
LATER: after taking time to do some research I came to the conclusion that all of this is eucalyptus - two types. There are several types available, including the typical with small round leaves near the stem and the larger round leaves that are more branched and mine have the berries and then there is a kind with long narrow leaves and more.
It was difficult to find a good place for this large arrangement in my little house but it finally came to rest here in the kitchen.
There is no place in the house to photograph without shadows, etc.  I possibly could have improved them with some editing but some days there is just no time for that. In fact, most of my posts are done with unedited pictures.
My house sure does smell good! I am a long way from where they are right now but can smell them.
The overall look fits in with my autumn touches. Although these branches are fresh and natural they give the feeling of drying fall foliage.
A new little bundle of pleasure that I am glad to have to share with you.



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