Saturday, September 6, 2014

Skipping Around in the September Garden........

..........It has been awhile now since I showed much in the garden. We have had a wonderful year for growing and the back yard was looking like a jungle until I got a lot of it trimmed back.  Now I have a few empty places waiting for the weather to be a bit cooler before doing the fall planting. So, in this post you will see the same old stuff. There is not much rhyme or reason about what I selected  except it is all from the back yard and using some of my recent photos...... 

Beginning with the old weathered bird house, which is not really a bird house but a solid piece of wood that looks like a house. It doesn't change much but every once in awhile I will aim and shoot one more picture of it.

I have been seeing these moths this summer. At least I hope there are multiples and that I am not just seeing the same one over and over.  

I think they are beautiful.

I know I am seeing several butterflies because I see about four different types every day. I have not been able to get a good picture of this one lately.
The pinecone gingers have made several cones.  These will turn bright red in a few weeks.

I have enough beautyberries to make some jelly but, I am not going to do that any more.  The last two times it was not jelly but more like syrup even though I added more surejell. Normally I would have pulled the Spanish moss off of this but decided to leave it for this picture.
The berries will still get darker and are such a pretty color.
I had some of these torenia plants in the same general area several years back and this one and a couple more sprang up this year in the middle of the blue eyed grass and have bloomed nice.  It's amazing how seeds work.

This staghorn fern has hung here many years and once in awhile I look up and marvel over how huge it has gotten.  It would measure at least six feet across! It am surprised the small chain holding it up has not broken before now.

This bloom was a very nice surprise. This blue ginger (not really in the ginger family) has been growing for many years and had never bloomed. I am hoping to see more.

I thought this air plant and lichen looked especially interesting and snapped its picture again too.


Another nice thing to find. More blooms on the gloriosa lilies this week. Two plants in different locations and both started blooming again.
This is the slowest growing plant I have ever seen.  Remember when I put the one big leaf in the soil in April and there was no action for months and suddenly one tiny leaf showed up. Now, several more.  All of them remain small and spotless. As the days get cooler I am going to put it in full sun and hope it gets its spots. It is boring without them!
This one is keeping its spots and staying healthy looking.
I could go on and on, one plant after another but this is more than enough for this time. I have the whole year to show the rest of them! I sure am hoping for a mild winter again.
 I have way more plants to worry about getting frozen than what I had the last time we had freezing temperature here - about four or five years ago.


  1. You have so many interesting things to look at and enjoy in your yard. What do the beautyberries taste like?

  2. The berries do not taste good raw and I cannot think of a way to describe it. But, the jelly/syrup is good and a pretty color. I got the recipe from the Native Plant Society cook book.


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