Sunday, December 28, 2014

All Through the House......


........My intentions were to show all through the house BEFORE Christmas. But, I got behind, Christmas is over but, I would still like to show it hoping someone will still like to see.  So, continuing on with a lot more show than tell - lots of pictures, not very many words.  I promise to move on to something altogether different after the New Year starts.

I am still loving my silver bells theme.

What I see as I relax on my loveseat.


Texture is important in decorating. You can use a lot of one color, with different textures. Pillows and throws adds warmth, visually.

This is one of my favorite creations this year.  I have used the white house before but not with a snow scene.  After the big snow, I gathered up all the other things from my collections to make the scene.

It's difficult to photograph without getting reflections on the glass.

I did need to buy a car for here. I looked for a red pickup but had to settle for the red car. Notice the light in the little white church.

This white desk is where I can use a lot of assorted things.




After I had a lot of the decorating done I decided to make a yo-yo tree for this spot.




The bird always manages to find a pretty sprig to hold during this season.
With time now to slow down and rest, I look forward to this spot.  I got eight of these little plates for Christmas and plan to use one here as a coaster. Six of them are already in my cup and saucer open cabinet on the wall. You will probably get a look at them eventually. I will be back soon to show some more and hope you will come back to see.
Christmas is never "over" for believers. The fact and significance of God sending a baby to our world, to grow up to become our Savior is ever present, ever important and will never be over!


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  1. So true... for the believer, the story does go on!

    One of the things that I enjoy when I see pictures of your home is that I can "see" it all in its place, so I can understand the flow. And thank you for sharing these pictures even after THE day. Looking forward to what you have in store for us!


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