Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All Through the House # 2........

The new year is fast approaching so here is #2 of All Through the House, with #3 soon to follow.

Just waiting for a snowball fight! A gift set from my daughter.

I had this matted frame just waiting for a picture and decided to use some black cardstock and do a "black board" picture.

The picture sits on the end table along with some other favorite things.
Doesn't she look pleased with herself, standing here in her snow coat and hat!!
She stands in the shadow of this handsome reindeer with his little red bell swinging.  I would rather the tiny red berry not be showing but I guess it didn't bother me enough to crop the picture or take another.  Yes, it has reached that point - it is after Christmas and we will just let it be good enough, as is.

Off to the right you can see where the little berry is coming from.

I'm not sure that putting the wreaths around these stockings was an improvement but, makes them look a little different from last year.

On around the corner is the little half table with Charlie Brown's little tree. The tiny squirrel from the Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch is a new addition here.



Sitting quietly by on the little antique chair is a Santa doll that I made many years ago.

The metal basket that holds my cards. I got seven after Christmas so I am not the only one who was a little late this year.
I put little battery candles in all my slightly burned down larger candles and enjoyed them
more than I thought I might.
One more post showing a little from both bedrooms and baths might finish my presentation of Christmas in my house. Of course, there is also a few things outside you haven't seen. We will see......either one or two more and I will turn to other subjects.




  1. I love the idea of the battery lights in the candle. Brilliant! No pun intended!!

  2. I just looked through your two most recent posts and I agree with your assessment: "Christmas is never over for believers!" I enjoyed looking through your Christmas home with all of its festive touches. Your yo-yo tree is adorable!


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