Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch #1

Saturday was the big day for my annual Christmas brunch. It is one thing I have in my home every year that I try to do extra special. I will explain the "gifts" part in the next post, #2.  I prepared all the food the day before and had things in control and ready by the time the ladies arrived. We were missing someone this time, my daughter-in-law who had to work. In this part #1 we will stay in the dining room.

The food is served from the buffet at the end of the room. We failed to get a close-up picture this time. I have settled into a few things that have become favorites which are served each year with ham and biscuits always present. I always spring a new recipe or two on them, too. Last year, a breakfast crockpot dish was enjoyed by all and was repeated this year. I hope to share that recipe before the series is finished. 

Another full table shot which shows everything ready to begin, with the strawberry tea in the bottles and citrus fruit in the little stemware cups. Also, especially ordered cupcakes from a local baker. The first time in twenty two years that I served something that I didn't do myself.

Always present is a special mocha punch recipe that has a "traveling" story which is too long to go into here.

Showing the punch/tea table from the other end.

My dear friend Lynda, who I shared the punch recipe with many years ago, comissioned a mutual artist friend to paint this picture. Lynda surprised me with a copy in time to have it displayed here for the brunch. It is such a treasure for me to have! Caryn used Lynda's punch bowl to picture in the drawing. I have had quite a few cups of Lynda's punch from that bowl over the years!
Caryn Dahm - artist
Now, back to the table. How many of you have seen the video of the lady folding a napkin into a tree shape?  It has been all over face book lately and is on Pinterest. It was easy to follow along and I was very pleased with how my napkins turned out.

I had a good practice with the place setting as I used the same thing at a Christmas Tea at the annual Orlando Area Historical Rose Society event the week before.
One more showing a different angle.
And another. Having the strawberry tea/punch in the bottles adds to the total look.

Now, for some close-ups of the cupcakes.  The Baker is an employee at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club, in Orlando, but not their baker. She does that business on the side. My daughter has been ordering wedding cakes from her for her Destination Occasion company events. Her cakes are so good and always well done. 

The ladies are beginning to dive in and I am filling my plate at the buffet. Unfortunately, my daughter, the photographer is not shown at all.
Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch #2 will follow soon. You will want to stop back in to see what everyone came up with this year for their containers and what they made in their kitchen to put in them!


  1. What a lovely table you set! Ooo...your mocha punch looks tempting. How special to have artwork to go along! The cupcakes are beautiful. And I am quite impressed with your Christmas tree napkins!

    I know that your guests had a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, and a special thank you for taking time in the busy season to comment! I do love the picture as I had wanted a piece of Karyn's art and had just not taken the steps to get it. We all had a fun time.

  2. You set such a pretty table. And what a thoughtful and unique gift your friend had made! I don't know that I'd have ever thought to turn a recipe into a piece of art. I know it is a lot of work but you put a lot of love into your Christmastime brunch and you are all mutually blessed by it. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    1. Thank you. I always cherish your thoughts. It was hard work and by "the time" my thinking is even slower than usual. I was very pleased this year to have so little to do in the last couple of hours, though and it was a favorite for me as far as how it turned out.


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