Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas #1 - the Kitchen Corner

It's really hard for me to believe but, the time has arrived again! Tis the season! I started decorating early and now it is time to start showing some of it.

After blogging for several years, I am plagued with the feeling that some of you have seen most of my things over and over and can it possibly be interesting to see it once more!  Partly, with that thought in mind, I try to switch things around, eliminated some items and of course, there are a few new little items. So, here we go again......

This post will focus in on just this corner with mostly close-up pictures to show the details. Most of the kitchen Christmas ends up on this side. You already know I am all about fun more than formality. One general rule since I use so much, everything needs to blend with the total look.


Starting with this low table....

I keep getting more and more interested in little snow scenes in jars. I gathered up several miniature items that I already had to make some new ones this year.

A lot of things can look dignified and special when you put them under glass.

A warm glow in a simple arrangement.

Separate wooden pieces spelling out SANTA.

And, hanging on the wall above, the big framed picture of Santa. You might guess, I pack away a lot of things to be able to do so much Christmas.  It works out to leave nails in place and after Christmas the same things take their place back on the walls.

A goofy, wooden, polka dot stocking.

And, a small wooden stocking stretcher with a little stocking on it.  Did you know that people used to stretch their wet stockings in this way? They were probably made of cotton or wool that would shrink when washed. This little one looks like it needs washing! It is stained that way on purpose to look old.

On over to the left, the white drawer cabinet holds this assortment.

 A cup wearing a sweater - one of the several things I made from a Goodwill purchased Christmas sweater.  It holds cinnamon stick santas, painted many years ago.

My oldest snow scene in a jar.

The stacked boxes snowman that my sister-in-law, Bernice painted. I always remember her fondly when this gets unpacked each year. We had a lot in common, enjoying much of the same things. As soon as I get this post finished, I will go line the boxes up like they should be!

A goofy white snow bird. I have a lot of "goofy" things that I love.

Up on the little shelf on the wall is this proud prancing reindeer.....

.......and these three bottle brush trees, something else I have really taken a liking to in recent years. I used to think they were so ugly.
With this, we will end the tour and  then continue on around the room after a day or two.
It has been said that decorating reveals who you are. Hopefully, my decorating gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort and that you will want to hurry back to visit again soon.


  1. I love every little bit of this! You truly are gifted in this area!

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I love to share my things and I am glad you enjoy seeing.

  2. I never tire of seeing your decorating. Your ability to put things together that aren't obviously meant to go together is remarkable!

  3. I am so glad you continue to enjoy the posts! And, thanks for the nice compliment.


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