Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Kitchen #2 - The Kitchen Corner

.......Since I posted Kitchen #1 my annual Gifts From the Kitchen required a lot of work and time but the brunch took place yesterday and was great fun. I will be showing pictures from it soon but now it is onward ho, ho, ho, in the kitchen corner.........

We will look close-up at this area. If you missed #1 you can click here to see it first.

Here on top of the brown cabinet are two of my new Christmas in a jar scenes.  As I mentioned last time, I gathered up tiny things that I already had to do these. I am most sure I saved the little mustard jar just because it is so tiny and cute. It is only two and a fourth inches tall. The little snowman and santa were attached to rings that were used to go on stemware glasses. Epsom salt works great for the jars. The Santa is made of resin and is the one I bought as an example for the many I made of clay.



I am backing up a bit to show the egg basket that I forgot to show last time. It hangs from the ceiling and nicely displays some bells.
Back down next to the snow scenes is the big snowman cookie jar.  It was my daughter's container for her Gifts from the Kitchen Brunch. She found these greatly reduced in price the day after Christmas one year and stored them, nine of them I believe, until time for the next brunch. She was very surprised, when she brought them down from the attic, and discovered they were full of cookies - very stale and dry cookies!

In the first picture of the last post the red cup and saucer was here but the cup was sitting on the saucer. I kept looking at this vignette and kept thinking something needed to be changed. I like this arrangement better.

Finishing off the top of the cabinet is a favorite transferware tea pot and berry arrangement.

You have noticed parts of this wooden sign in the previous pictures - enjoy the whole picture.

Now, up on the big shelf is farmer cow holding a Christmas wreath. Behind the cow is a metal top hat.

Have you ever seen a snowball decked out in a Christmas hat and scarf? As I think of it, I have never seen a snowball with a face either, until this one.
I usually leave the old crock in place for Christmas as it seems to fit in. By the way, the kitchen takes on more of an American country look at Christmas. It's always a little bit country but I aim for more of a French country look for the rest of the year. 

On over to the left sits the wooden egg Santa. I painted him many years ago. The oversized glass ornaments are in the kitchen for the first time.  

Standing behind the ornaments, a cloth gingerbread girl, a gift from one of my "Gifts From the Kitchen" ladies.

Moved from the dining room to this shelf this year is my large, pedestal apothecary jar. 

Returning for about the third time is the twine balls snowman. Maybe he will have a top hat by next year.
At the end of the shelf, an old sewing machine drawer, standing on end and again this year, holding the white yarn tree. A wee ceramic snowman completes the shelf.

Beside the brown cabinet - my Anita Bryant high chair. Some of you have heard the story of it so many times that I won't repeat it this time.

And lastly, the little wooden chair on the wall above. The goofy reindeer and wooden angels are always here at Christmastime but, the red bird is new this time.
We will stop here now and save the rest for another post - maybe two more from the kitchen.
I hope you enjoy my "show and tell" kind of sharing. I know I appreciate everyone of you that opens the blog and looks to the end.
I hope you are having great fun during the holidays.


  1. Such cute decorations! How you fit so much into that space is beyond me. Funny that Carrie's container came pre-filled :-D


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