Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it fall yet?

I know it is a little early but it looks like fall in my house so here goes. I love the white pumpkin stack I made last week.

My comfy floor mat

Yes, it's styling for fall time

                                                             Memory pieces wreathed for autumn

I have a lot of "fall" in small spaces! I love it, so I just go and go and add and add and then fluff and fluff.

        I love my Tennessee crows ~ Willie and Nillie

Pantry door guarding the pumpkin pie spices

The signs of fall high on a kitchen shelf


  1. I meant to ask you the other day when we were there if you made your white pumpkin?

  2. Yes, it was "hot" off the needle and sissors! I saw it on someone's blog and would have given her credit but, forgot who and where it was.

  3. OMG Betty I too absolutely love fall and you have done such an awesome job at displaying it. I have always admired your talents so much. Thanks for sharing.


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