Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Want to know a lady ~ look at her rooms...................

   Starting in my bedroom ~ All who like bright colors, just turn your heads! Same for all who have seen these on facebook. My dream was to have an all white room, from bright white to dirty white. I just couldn't drum up enough energy to paint the furniture so I ended up with a brown/white. I like the results, could do more if I had the means to do with, but couldn't we all. I find this an inviting retreat at the end of my day.

The detail of the coverlet that I was so happy to find at Tuesday Mornings, low cost, light weight, cotton but has a nice satin sheen ~ exactly what I had hoped to find!

Showing the detail of the embroidery on the pillow cases. I really enjoy doing this kind of needlework.


The bronze color, whatever-it-is in the tin container on the wall came from Walmart from their christmas decorations. I thought they were just perfect for my use here, year round.

T.V. small enough? I love it. Looks like a toy compared to most.  I have buttons on display in here but will save those to share on button day.

Dressing area with sink just out of sight on the left.

And now for my tiny, tiny, black and white, hall bathroom  ~

Splish, splash, it's for taking a bath.
But, who says you can't have a large chandelier in a very small bathroom!

Just a touch of red, too.

A bit of sparkle never hurts.

Everything above the sink is a reflection of the wall behind you in the mirror.  See the small red camera in the silver tub? It is about to take another picture.


I have a little shoe thing going on.

One shoe can change your life ~ Cinderella.

Loved this little black framed picture from the flea-market in Spring Grove that day I walked around with my brother. I attached it to the fabric-covered canvas which makes it larger and matches the curtain.


                 There you go for today. I will try to give you more color in the next room pictures.
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