Sunday, August 28, 2011

Over by the Sea...........

I have been seeing many pictures of the windswept beaches of the Atlantic as storm Irene sweeps up the coast. This has reminded me of a much calmer time a few weeks back.
Since the early seventies I have lived less than an hour's drive from beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches. Yet, I could probably count on my two hands the number of times I have gone there, and have fingers left over! So near and yet so far away! Unlike many people, I have only one childhood memory of going to the beach and that would be the last time until years later when I spent a few honeymoon days at Ocean City, Md. Recently, however, I had an over-night stay at Daytona South beach. My friend Rhonda invited three girlfriends to her condo.  We were hoping to watch the next to the last shuttle launch that afternoon, from the sand.

While eating lunch at one of the local eateries, we learned that the launch had been scrubbed.

We were very disappointed but there were other things to be done.

The Nina and the Pinta were docked nearby so we toured those.

Talking to the caption.

We also, went to a wildlife reserve.

Had a perfect view of the lighthouse. 

Next stop, Sugar Mill Park which provided some good exercise, pleasant plant looking and dinasaurs, no less!

Back at the condo we did what girls do - took a long walk on the beach, then relaxed while we dangled our feet and legs in the seaside hot tub, compared pedicures and talked about all the other important things.

After enjoying some yummy food at Rhonda's table, we settled in, nice and cozy to watch a rerun of the Royal Wedding which had taken place that morning. But, that was not the only important event of the day - my niece was on Wheel of Fortune!  So, we cheered Hollie on as she won big bucks!

Way to go, Hollie!!!  Ronda's condo is as cozy as the inside of a seashell and eventually we called it a day.  As I fell asleep listening to the roar of the waves my last thoughts were, I could get use to this. And, where has the ocean been all my life!

Rhonda and I were up the next morning before day light, one of the best times of the day when you have such a view.

Who could experience this and not be amazed at God's creation! And, the sun comes up every day - whether we see it or not.
The dawning of a new day!  "There are other beaches to explore, there are more shells to find. This is only the beginning."   ~  Gift of the Sea.
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