Friday, August 19, 2011

See the inspiration for my blog name ~

I have learned that it is almost as difficult to photograph a
quilt as it is to make one! It works better to show several pictures but this is one quilt.

This one is not as "crazy" as some are - I was selective with colors.

This is not a full size quilt - more like a "throw" size.

The picture here was made with a rubber stamp.
I got the stamp because it reminded me of one of my grandsons.

My favorite thing to do is the decorative stitches
and also adding the little "charms" etc.
The little blossoms of the Queen Annes Lace don't show in the picture.
I love queen annes lace!


It takes a loooooong time to make one of these.


Some squares are themed ~ this is the garden.

This is just a few of the squares but you get the idea.
Actually, a picture does not show the whole square.

Most of the themes represent me on this quilt.


  1. I'm wondering if there is a way I could get mine framed and hung on the wall. :o)

  2. A lot of people do hang them. You wouldn't need a complete frame, just something across the top.

  3. I'd like to have it shadow box framed. Something behind glass more like artwork.

  4. I really like the shadow box idea. Haven't tried the crazy quilt but yous do inspire. Thanks


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