Friday, August 26, 2011

Pieces of this and that.........

My sharing today is somewhat like a crazy quilt in that nothing really fits together. But, it all adds up to a lot of my time. I found this tablecloth hanging in Goodwill this morning. My first thought was: Monet. My second thought was: a spring tea party, outside under the trees.

And then, do I have any dishes that wouldn't get lost among all those flowers - maybe my white plates?

Yes, by spring I will get it all together and have a Monet outdoor tea party!

At Target I saw this product that I have never noticed before.

I was not "sold" after the first bite. It took me back many years to something that I tasted out of a baby food jar.

I thought a dab of sour cream might make it better.

What really helped were these Snyder's sea salt and cracked pepper pretzel pieces.

These are another new item for me - Kraft German Chocolate Cake, and Cinnamon Bun Mallow bites - one bag of each and I put them together in this old bowl.  They are a little bigger than the mini-marshmallows.  What first attracted me to them was the color. I see all fall-color things now!  I would return for more of these sweet little puffs.

I loved this grain sack towel from Target also. I'll save the purchase of a cape from Goodwill for another day's show n' tell, after I sew on the new buttons found at The Sewing Studio and find a new belt for it. I hope you have had a colorful, sweet day too.

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