Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tea Things Thursday ~~ Christmas style

     I hurriedly put some tea things together to show today. I was also excited to have you see my new blog look.  I knew the look I wanted but am not capable of doing the technical part to get it done so, my daughter took her whole lunch hour and we worked together. We also did another banner to go on right after Christmas. I love both of them!

I am using this Old Country Roses, Ruby Celebration, Green Damask by Royal Albert.
I only have one cup and saucer of this pattern. Don't you like the name, Ruby Celebration. A great selection for drinking some holiday tea.

I also chose the Queen's tea spoon to go with this worthy cup.

You saw the spoon in another post - it bears the queen's initials and came from 10 Downing Street.

This is a second showing of this white pot but it does work well with the christmas cup and saucer- T.J. Maxx, inexpensive.

See the little wreaths around the wooden knobs in the background.  They were first used as napkin rings, then were hung on the tree a few years and last year it occurred to me that they would look nice on the cabinet.  Love this use for them.

Chocolate and peppermint pretzels in a vintage dish.  I think these dishes were used in the early fifties although the glass looks like depression glass.

Holding the Christmas greenery is this silver sugar box.

And this tea was given to me (along with other things) by my Thanksgiving guests from England. It is a very neat Harrods tin of loose leaf tea from the mountains of Sri Lanka.


Thank you for sharing some time with me today.


  1. You can add those peppermint pretzels to my Christmas stocking! :o)

  2. Hey, I am absolutely LOVING the new blog look. Love, love, love!!!!

  3. Questa tazza è molto bella!Rosetta


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