Monday, October 31, 2011

It is time, right now!!!

     In one of my fall posts I showed you my paperback book pumpkin and branches of book page leaves.  I decided to go looking for some more crepe paper leaves which I had found at Dollar Tree and had used on the branches.  I want to give a set away to a friend.

This is what I am talking about. I have the page leaves all ready but the dark crepe paper ones really add to the look, I think.  I have gone back to the store where I found these and three other Dollar Tree stores but they have all sold out.  They now have Christmas things where the fall used to be. So................................

at Dollar Tree I got lots of really neat little things.  I have a special purpose in mind for each of my selections.  I am showing you the pile of stuff  with very little money spent and they are really cute things. 

A card of four little stars for $1. Cards of four red shiney and sparkling pinecones for $1.

A pack of nine silver bells for $1.

A card of two birds for $1.  The sparkling things like the birds look much more sparkling in person.

I already had gotten this berry branch at 40% off at Michaels.  It will be used along with one of the other items shown here.

I got these bags of individually wrapped peppermint balls at Target's dollar section. I already had another item that these will be used with.

One of the dollar stores is located close to a Tuesday Mornings which I had never been in - not this particular one. So, I had to check it out while I was in the neighborhood! There, I met up with a little old lady who speaks with a strong German accent.  She was filling her cart with several selections of European sweets which she praised greatly, especially what was in the above package. 

I wish I had taken a "before" picture because you can see this is definitely an "after" picture - empty!  Got them on Saturday, today is Monday and I am the only one who has been here!  That says it all!

I could not resist getting this branch of "moss" covered pinecones.  I love moss-covered anything and these really look good. The branch is a big size and the price was surprisingly low.

The opening line of this post, right now is the time, means you need to shop now if you expect to find these kinds of things in the stores.  Close to Christmas this will be gone and you will see Valentine stuff!

In the same shopping area was a Michaels. I went in there to look for elements I saw in a necklace at the Mount Dora Craft Sale a couple of Saturdays ago. When I saw the necklace, I loved it but, had already spent my budgeted amount on something else.

Michaels had this clock face piece and it may be the very one on the necklace except a different color.  The Mount Dora necklace had a rectangular piece positioned crossways behind the clock piece.  And, a similiar dragonfly on top.  Couldn't find the long piece for the back but was extremely happy to see these two pieces on sale for 40% off. I did like the antique brass color of the other necklace best but, for a few dollars this one will do fine - especially since the other one was $36.00, I think.

Using a little E-6000 glue the dragonfly is on there to stay.  I may look for a better looking chain for it eventually.

The day after Thanksgiving I will start my Christmas decorating and assembling of gifts.  I will be sure to show you how I used all the little Christmas things shown in this post. Most are to be used with little token gifts for friends.


  1. I love the dollar store and all of the projects you creative ladies make. That is so funny that you were into Orange Tree this weekend and saw my little mittens, I was in today and quite a few have sold. Later this week I will load up my booth with all of my Christmas items. the dragon fly watch is soo cute!


  2. You are going to be very busy but having lots of fun, I think. I am anxious to see what pretty things you create. I hadn't been in the Dollar Store in some time so I went last week and was excited to see so many cute things to use for crafts. I picked up a few things and will go again, soon. Get busy, now!-------Shannon

  3. Not sure my other comment posted. It looks like you are going to have lots of fun decorating for the holidays.

  4. You did good, you did real good! I think you have the best Dollar Tree on the planet. I'll have to wander on over to our own Tuesday Morning and see if I can't snag some of those good eats, myself!!! Woowheee, slow down!!! You're making me nervous about the holidays as I still have Halloween decorations up!

  5. Great job on the necklace! Looks close to what we saw.

  6. I love the necklace you made! And we'll be back in Florida next week...guess I'll be heading to the Dollar Tree! You found some neat things! ♥


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