Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drinking again! And, I will make thee a bed of roses!

In my last post I presented my beloved lemon verbena tea. Now I am showing cucumber/lemon water.

This drink is said to aid with weight loss.  I'm not sure about that but decided to try it out. You need to let it sit in the refrigerator over night or for several hours.

If you fill up on this instead of drinking a lot of sugary drinks, it might just help you loose some weight.  The contents are almost calorie free, I think. Dr Oz has a version with tangerines and no cucumber or lemon.

Into 2 litres of water slice one medium cucumber, one lemon and put in six to eight mint leaves.  Now, I think you will have to be a cucumber lover to be able to drink this. That is the predominant taste in mine.  It got a little bitter. Next time I will use one half of a small cucumber. The first time I drank cucumber water was during a garden tour. It was a hot day and one of the garden owners was serving it in her back yard. I found it quite refreshing. Hers had less cucumber - there was just a hint of it as you drank. Well there it is for what it might be worth to you.  I can just hear some saying - not worth a thing to me!  So, let's hasten on...........

Also in the last post I showed this, my first large tag creation. I have been working on more!

I got six more finished. I gave one of those away before I thought to take a picture.  Here are the other five.

This background paper came from scrapbook paper and already had the scraps of paper and stitching on it. I cut a strip to fit my tag and added the other six elements. The birdcage came with the bow and pearl attached.

This is my first fabric flower to make. I picked up some "cheese cloth" at the grocery store. It took about five minutes to make. I glued what was an earring in the middle and there you are!

It is so fun picking through all my little charms, buttons, paper cut-outs, ribbon etc. to find the best things to put together.

The background paper here has a Shakespeare theme. Some of my faithful followers might recognize this fabric flower from the "stash" I showed you before.  I bought the black and tan medallion many years ago in the drapery items department of Joanne's. I knew there would come a time when it would be just the thing I needed.

The row of silhouettes came from another page of scrapbook paper. The metal birds was an old earring.

Another use of the stitched paper.  The birdcage is a cutout and I put the green paper behind it and also tucked the bird in there.  The metal piece is another earring.

This one might be my favorite so far next to the first one.  I love this paper background. That is all I have made but you may be seeing more sometime in the future.

Thank you for 'tagging' along with me!  Let me know which one you like best.


  1. They are all so pretty! I would not be able to pick out a favorite!

  2. My fave is the black/white gingham with birdcage. Love it!! They are all very cute tho. Makes me want to go make some :)


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