Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden update - part 1

I have had lots of things blooming lately. So thought I could once again show you around the yard. I am starting on the east side where it is shady and never has a lot of blooms but, it looked so green and fresh this morning.

The long view towards the front street. It is hard to see details but you will notice the metal headboard turned trellis, the sideways tree, the arbor, etc. There is a lot of Spanish moss hanging here.

Off to the right side you can see my glass mushrooms are still standing and the plant is spreading. I may have to relocate the mushrooms as they are already getting covered over.

The Persian shield plant is actually blooming. Though the blooms are not significant, the leaf color is.

This is the first bloom on this particular matchstick bromeliad.

Looking through the arbor, past the mailbox at the street and seeing three neighbor houses.

So, we came through the arbor and walked down the front yard to the street.The little La Marne rose bush, the Blue pea vine and several white volunteer Periwinkles have this area lit up.

I think this is about as full as it has ever bloomed.

Finally this plant, Angelonia, is making a colorful show. There are several here just above the sidewalk but it never looks good when I show a wide shot of this bed.

A little different angle on the Euphorbia from close to the ground makes it look huge.

The pineapple is getting big - should soon be an adult.

Lots of golden dew drops on this Cuban gold.

Everything is this area is becoming lush.

Ground orchid.

Last week every rose bush I have was blooming except one.  I love my repeat bloomers which all of my roses are.  I wish I could show the whole bush but, every time I take a picture that way the roses don't show up well.  I don't know if it is because the bushes are large or I don't know how to set my camera correctly or what.

The only problem with repeat bloomers it looks like I am showing you the same pictures over and over. It was a good thing I took these pictures last week because yesterday we had a strong breeze and a hard rain and today the blossoms are on the ground.

I will show part-2 in a day or so.  I think I would lose several of you if I showed all the yard pictures at once.  I hope you will join me as we go down this side and around the backyard.


  1. Betty..
    I am so impressed by your gardens!
    How fun to be able to grow pineapple.
    I'd be in 7th heaven living in your growing zone :)

    Smiles :)

  2. ..Your garden looks great. It seems like a long time since I have seen it. Deb

  3. These are all wonderful shots of your garden. The roses are gorgeous! The view of the arbor to the street is sensational. You truly have beautiful, beautiful surroundings. I guess that rain is paying off! We're in the midst of perfect days.

  4. After every tour I am absolutely speechless. I'd love to come and have tea with you out there; gosh I wish I were closer:-( I need to know...about how many hours per week do you spend in your garden, Betty?

  5. I never get tired of flower pictures! Beautiful yard.


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