Sunday, June 24, 2012

First one thing then another, again..........

We are getting LOTS of rain and even though things have grown and bloomed nicely it is hard to enjoy them fully because it is too wet to be outside.  One day I found enough dry time to go cut several flowers to bring inside..............

I don't do that very often but was glad I did this time.  I didn't take time to really arrange them - just stuck them in this white pitcher.

 They probably would have looked better had I made two bouquets or at least taken a little more time. The pictures almost look like different bouquets because it is so different from one side to the other.

The lavender flower here is society garlic. The red one salvia.

After I enjoyed them in the white pitcher this is what I was left with. I like it almost as much as the intact flowers.

The little bud is totally dried and still looks so pretty. I love tiny rose buds! So now all this is in a bag in a drawer awaiting its turn for another use.

I made some more big tags that I want to show you.  It doesn't take long at all to make these when you have such a large stash of supplies already on hand.  There is no "rhyme or reason" to the process except to get the heavy card cut to the size and shape I want and then I add a full size decorative background (could be done in bits and pieces) and then begin to lay things on it until it seems complete.

The possibilities are almost endless!

Any favorites out of these three?

Hot off of the design board and sewing machine is this dental care travel wrap.  I never have been satisfied with what I had to pack dental items in for travel so I decided to do something about it!  The part with the dots gets folded over the top of the brush, etc. Then because I wanted the dots to show when it is wrapped I roll it up with that dotted fold on the outside.

This is what it looks like all wrapped up. I used a small hand towel and made one fold and started sewing the needed individual compartments. I attached the ribbon in one place so it will always be in place when it is needing to be tied. Simple but very useable.

Now I want to show my albino agapanthus bloom once again all bloomed out and sparkling with rain drops.

All the other blooms are blue.

I think because of so much rain they are very slow opening up. And, speaking of rain, do you remember in a recent post that I said my back yard is prone to flooding...............

Just a few days after I wrote that this is what I had!  We got a downpour like you wouldn't believe - several inches of rain in a very short time. This picture was taken through the screen of my porch.

The whole big area had standing water. It took two days to go on down.

The streets were also flooded. It has been raining again all day today but just a slow, gentle rain. I am just hoping the big storm in the gulf heads away from us!!!
I will be rolling up my tooth brush soon to go spend time with family. This will probably be the last post from me until I get back.  Hopefully, I will have something new and different and maybe interesting to share at that time. I hope you are enjoying your summer days.


  1. I have so much water around my house that it could pose a problem. Need to figure out a way to get some of it away. My white agapanthus bloomed also but not my blue one. I have them in pots till I figure out where I will put them.
    Have a safe journey.

  2. Your tags are so beautiful. I adore the last one. Hearts and butterflies are my favorite things.

  3. I love all the tags.....i think the tooth brush kit is clever...I hope you have a nice visit with your family...Deb

  4. Betty, your tags are adorable! If I had to choose just one, it would have to be the last one. What do you do with the tags that you make?
    Wow! Your yard does get flooded!! You do have a lovely place and I love all the trees in your neighborhood. We are almost on the verge of another drought with the 100+ temps and no rain :/
    Enjoy your time with your family...cute idea for the toiletries! ;)


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