Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Time...........

Nothing speaks of summer like homemade ice cream. Making ice cream brings back pleasant memories of long ago times. It was such a fun thing to do with the old hand-cranked ice cream maker!

I dug around in the garage and found my old maker. It is not our original one but is almost like it.

I decided to make a red, white and blue look out here on the back porch in honor of summer.

                                   I think kids are really missing out without the experience of making ice cream in this manner.  If they were a part of making it today it would be with a noisey electric machine in the kitchen that gets plugged in - just not the same. I just noticed I positioned the crank the way I would use it - left handed.

There is nothing like getting the mix all ready, pouring it in the metal canister, filling the wooden tub with cracked ice and salt and taking turns cranking until your arm hurt and then handing it over to the next person.  The ice cream was so cold it made your head hurt when you took a big bite.  You need big bowls for this kind of yummy ice cream and a big dipper like this old dipper! This maker has not been used in a loooooong time. I think I will see if it still works. Maybe we can all gather here and enjoy some together. What is your favorite flavor?

While we are on the porch I will show you around. Some of you have seen a few of these pictures before but have probably forgotten. This is my potting bench that my three children gave me for my 60th birthday - twelve and a half years ago. I have kept it sheltered from the rain most of the time or it would probably not be standing today looking less aged than me!

I have so many things to display on it and don't leave much room for working.

This leaf has been in this pot for months and has stayed exactly the same. It never sprouted or made new leaves and the amazing thing to me, never turned brown or dried up.

The bird nest is not the best thing for in this. I need to look around for something that would look better.

I like this garden angel in here, however.  Do you notice his wings are a garden gate.

These are on the wall above the chest. And, yes, I do wish I had put the little screen door a few notches higher.

You may have noticed by the wall picture that these things have been changed around since this picture was made.

 Hanging by the door to the house. The little garden trowel is a door knocker.

                                            I know this has been shown on another post.

Looking towards the end you can see the garden bench and the ladder back chair and beyond into the garden. And, I believe this pretty much covers everything on the porch. I am so glad it is here. It makes my little house seem a bit bigger. Both the living room and my bedroom open onto this porch.
I will let you know if I get some ice cream finished.


  1. Betty..
    I LOVE your old blue ice cream maker!
    We had an old wood crank style when I was a kid, and my favorite job was to sprinkle the salt on the ice.

    I saw an old wood one at a yard sale a few weeks ago, but they wanted $45.00 for it.
    More than I was willing to pay!

    Our favorite kind of homemade ice cream is called 3-5 ice cream.
    It has orange juice, bananas, and lemon juice.
    So refreshing!!

    Love all the cute things you have on your porch... esp. that potting bench~~darling!

    Catch ya later...
    I've gotta go help with yard work.

  2. The ice maker is adorable. I have an electric one with paddle and it doesn't have that same charm as your exudes. Works great when we make peach ice cream every year.

  3. I love the ice cream maker. Homemade ice cream would taste good right now in our 94 deg. afternoon. Keep cool

  4. What a lovely porch! You have a great eye for decorating with all the little vignettes. I'm coveting your little garden angel..I've never seen anything like it.
    We made homemade ice cream the other day for my son's birthday...the first time in probably two years! And we have an electric one. Go figure. LOL. Yes, I remember the days of having to crank and my children grew up cranking ice cream as well but hubby got tired of it and wanted an electric one. It is noisy but it does churn out great ice cream!


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