Tuesday, June 19, 2012


.......Eclecticism: In simple terms, it is the process of compiling a text from multiple sources.  Today, my post is a picture of eclecticity.  That may be a new word!

Showing one of the tags I made displayed here on a small table and on top of a book.  The green border is actually on the book.  I have never used much red in this room except at Christmastime. Now, I have something new in the room which allows me to add little touches of red all around.

This is a glimpse of part of the newness.

Another part of the newness

And still more.  I have been loving the french script that decorators recently started using. I've seen it on wooden furniture, small decorative items of different types including pillows....

This is my new pillow, one of four new pillows which came with this.........

Yes, a very red sofa.  Who would have thought I would be living with a red sofa!  The french look of two of the pillows probably sold me on the sofa. I was planning to purchase the burlap color version of this sofa which these same pillows came with.  At the very last minute on buying day I switched to red. 

It is taking me awhile to get used to the change, I miss the light whiteness of my old slip-covered sofa.  But, I knew it would be foolish for me to buy a white sofa to try to keep clean looking. Do you notice the little border around this picture?  I keep experimenting with Pic-Monkey photo shop.

Even good change is usually difficult for me until I get use to it. I will now be linning the yo yo throw for sure. It will look better solid white.

Remember that my little foyer and the adjoining wall is an olive green.  I have always liked that shade of green and red together. The porportions just need to be right.

The big picture is new to me.  My daughter was getting rid of it and I was not liking the picture that had been above my old sofa with the new one so asked if I could try it here and it does look better. Back to the color choice - I knew if I bought the burlap color sofa it would really be a dull look unless I repainted this wall which I had no interest in doing. So, standing in the store a light bulb went off and having no previous thoughts of buying a red sofa I suddenly told the salesman I will take the red one. I am buying a piece at a time and the next purchase will be the loveseat.

The first thing I bought a few weeks before the sofa was this table. It had a reduced price because the drawer was resting crooked as it is in this picture. All it needed was the tightening of a screw and it stays straight! It's almost tempting to go into that store with a screw driver - I could use another crooked drawer table!

This is not new but I have a renewed appreciation for it since it was relocated to this place on the new table. The little bird was designed to be a flower pot hanger, I believe, and was given to me many years ago by one of my favorite neices. This is the third way that it has been used around my house.

This one is new - new to me.  I bought it at a store my daughter and I were in for the first time on Saturday. The store is near her new house and it will not be my last time to go there. The store, called Gently Touched, has a lot of interesting used items at good prices. I noticed a lot of small things were priced at $12.00.  This old picture was marked down to $8. and there was a store-wide sale of 10% off so I got it cheap! I couldn't get a good picture of it because of reflections. It is hanging on a wall not much wider than the picture and is by the door to my porch. Because of my new red sofa it looks alright here. I have had an excelerated love for our flag lately - does that speak to my old age or what!!! Or possibly due to the scary things happening to our country lately!

Totally unrelated to anything before, except that it is new, is this purse I just made. I saw something very similar on Pinterest and decided to try to whack one out and I am real pleased with how it turned out.

It is made of linen, as was the one I saw.  It will probably be wrinkled half the time which will drive me nuts but I like the crispness of the white and tan together.  It was fun searching for the decorative items, which also are very much like those on the original.  I already had the medallion, the chain, keys, beads and striped ribbon. I easily found the buttons, flower, two other ribbons and lace.

Now, all it needs is a big snap or velcro under the tab.

It is lying flat and empty here and may look like it is not sewed straight but isn't that way in real life.

I had to cover cord with some of the white linen to make the handles.
So, this is my compilation of many things. I have more, but decided this is enough for one post.  Thank you for looking til the end.  When I get the red loveseat and one striped chair I will give you a look at the completed room. Let's hope the dye lot doesn't change before I get that red loveseat!! A little concerned about that.


  1. I love your red sofa. We did the same thing a couple of years ago...we were leaving the furniture store and saw it sitting there...a cranberry colored sofa. We both really liked it and it's in our living room now and we've not tired of it at all....like several people said we would.
    I was so tired of the beiges and black that we had before.
    I know you'll enjoy it. Balisha

  2. Hi Betty!!
    Awesome couch!
    I love that you had the courage to buy the couch that you really loved!!

    We bought new couches in March .... and they are also red!
    Never have I regretted buying them.. not for one second!!

    Life's to short for 'coulda - woulda - shoulda's'!!

    Smiles :)

  3. I'm lovin' it! I'm no usually a fan of red either but the pop of color with the pillows is absolutely perfect. I think you made a great decision! And the picture is the perfect compliment.
    Isn't it amazing how changing a few things around can give a whole new look? You are fortunate to have a shop that sells the used items...I love the name of the store :)
    Your purse turned out so cute. I really like the simplicity of the pattern with a few lovely touches of bling.


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