Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Update - part #2

It has been a very cloudy and rainy week. I am glad I took plenty of pictures two weeks ago. Not only do things not bloom as much during this kind of rain and dark days, the wind and rain beats up what is already in bloom.

Coleus and Creeping Jenny or I think some call this Creeping Charlie. It is in total shade here and stays a little darker in color. 

Here is a low growing penta - good to attract butterflies. I have seen lots of butterflies but have no pictures as they were always in flight.

I have many volunteer periwinkles (vinca) down this side and they are three different colors of pink.  These are mingled with a small rose bush. You might notice some spent roses in the top right. 

More at the base of the bridal wreath spirea.

Marie Van Houte has been blooming nice and on the ground underneath are daisy plants - not blooming yet.

                                                                    She is one of my favorites. 

My little lemon verbena plant where I got the leaves for the tea.  And in the blue pot is the pineapple sage. I could have used some of those leaves for tea also.

The trailing rosemary is showing its delicate light blue flowers here in the raised bed.

This rose, Perle d' or, has looked its very best ever this spring, both the bush and flowers.

With all the rain these are starting to pop up here and there. They are such delicate things!

                                             The cleredendrum just keeps on and on blooming!

I don't know the name of this one. I don't think it blooms.

She is still back here in the corner reading the same page. I have many more pictures left so there will be a part - #3 soon.

If you like looking through gardens and missed part - #1 you might want to go to the post just before this one to see it.


  1. Beautiful flowers as always! We can't uy a drop of rain here the last couple of weeks. They say possibly monday...if it doesn't fall apart before it gets here. Then dry the rest of the week. Send some our way if you get sick of it. lol

  2. Ron and I have been in Florida since May 31 and it's been rain, rain, and now more rain. We are in Destin. Love the wall planter. I may have to copy it!

  3. Oh Betty...
    I just love to visit and see all the pictures of your lovely gardens. Thriving and lush!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Smiles :)



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