Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Quaint Little Town Nestled Along a Lake......

........Back in the early 1800's there was a settlement nestled along the banks of a very large lake. The lake was given the name Dora after a homesteader, Ms. Dora Drawdy,  who befriended federal surveyors with her warm hospitality.  The small growing town was eventually named after Lake Dora, simply called Dora.  In 1833 the name was officially changed to Mount Dora to reflect the fact that the settlement rests on a plateau 184 feet above sea level - unusual for Florida.

Near the entrance of the Garden Gate Tea Room
My good friend Deborah treated me to a day in Mount Dora, as a late birthday celebration.  We walked the streets, visited several shops, had lunch, and visited more shops. It is now inhabited by 12,000 people but remains a beautiful little touristy town with many specialty shops, restaurants, two tea rooms and has many historical buildings left.  It is host to eight annual events which draws thousands of visitors.  
Yesterday, there was quite a bit of fall color to enjoy, including this tangerine color hibiscus.
In 1883 The Alexander House, a two story hotel, with ten rooms, opened as a winter retreat. It grew, especially after the railroad came through and in 1903 was renamed Lakeside Inn.  The above sign is on the back side. There is a more impressive front entrance with sign. I don't think I would want to be sitting in the rocker when the train comes through.

This is just a peep at
 part of the very long front porch of the Lakeside Inn which is still in operation. Now, I am wishing I had taken a full shot of this part of the Inn.
I just borrowed this one from their ad. I doubt if they would mind a bit.  There are at least two other buildings. It would be a beautiful place for a northerner to hang out in the dead of winter. Or, for anyone else, for that matter.

Lakeside Inn overlooks Lake Dora and is only a few steps away from the water's edge.
This is taken with a zoom from the lawn in front of the Inn. I was "enthralled" by the cute little "lighthouse" way out on the dock.

And, aren't these charming, all lined up looking out over the lake!

A sweet gazebo stands just to the right of where the chairs are, under the big oaks and nestled among the large ferns.

Those look like Macho ferns, like the ones I have in my yard.

As we walked up the sidewalk this Great Egret was also enjoying the nice weather on this Saturday morning. I love these big birds. They are friendly and are not afraid of people. I sure wish the one that walked through my yard a couple of years back would visit again.
Another pretty spot of fall color. I never get tired of visiting this nearby town and it was a great day with my friend. I have a couple of little new items from Mount Dora you might see soon.

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  1. Looks like an interesting place to spend some time meandering. Especially love that tangerine hibiscus. Pretty!


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