Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn in the Kitchen........

I have lot's of pictures of the fall touches in the kitchen. There may be more pictures than words used in this post......

A long shot so you can get your "bearings" for the next several pictures.

Under the big shelf and on the brown cabinet top - just a gold ribbon around cinnamon sticks and a crochet thread pumpkin. It seems that I have started an unintended tradition of making a new pumpkin each year.
I made this collage to show the last four years of new pumpkins but I made a mistake and showed this year's twice. I could go back and redo the collage correctly but I have already spent enough time on this post. Three years ago it was the paper back pumpkin, two years ago, the stacked pumpkins which are in my sitting room, and last year's, the one missing on the collage, is the crochet thread one. The next picture shows a close up of it. This year's pumpkin is the twine one above.
The twine you see here is what the new pumpkin was made from. I got the directions from another blogger. She is listed on here in my list of suggested bloggers, Craftberry Bush. She gives good directions of how it's made in a post about three weeks or so ago. If you click on her name in the list and then on her project gallery I am sure you can find it. I will try to connect her blog here later, short on time now.

Another long shot, which also has the twine pumpkin which has been moved to my new island. I only display the squirrel plate at this time of year and I hung a ceramic pear and fall ribbon on the jar. That egg gathering basket looks like it is just begging for something to be spilling out of it!


The little short table with just a bit of fall.

I never found the small pumpkins and gourds that I put in this metal thing last year. I never know what to call that piece and I don't have a clue as to where those pumpkins could be. I added a few fall berry sprigs in the cream bottle and the little brown bottle and orange leaf dish. My new treasure here is the little bird with her feet swinging down.

She was part of my gift from sweet Patsy, a member of our September Girls Celebration. Isn't she just the cutest, wearing her acorn hat! I love her, Patsy!

Last week when I went to get my new kitchen island from the Christmas Tree Store, they had just gotten in these lined, blackboard baskets. They had four sizes and this is next to the smallest. I really like it for the price it was. The blackboard comes blank. I've had the tall galvanized container for a long time but have never used it inside before. This look is quite popular now and I decided to try it here. I first had it sitting without the basket but I like this look better.
I added some seasonal words on this one too and put the metal bowl under it.
And how can you have fall without candy corn showing somewhere. For awhile there was more showing!

Nearby sits this little jar with the acorns. The pumpkin has the tiniest letters very clearly saying: Give thanks unto the Lord.

Across the room again to the left of the big shelf.

So tiny! The pumpkin is about a 1/2 inch.

And hanging from the big shelf, from Patsy's sister Lynda, this plaque. Notice the five birds. Each one represents a member of our September Birthday Girls group. I also love this, and the meaning behind it!

Just a sprig makes the apron on the kitchen door part of fall.

The white pitchers are still on the window sill - just added a few more sprigs. And, put three more ceramic pears here.  The hand soap and lotion set was also from Patsy and just perfect for this spot. That's a ceramic white dish they are sitting in - very nice.


Here is the end of the kitchen island with one of my favorite towels. I think this was part of Lynda's gifts from last year. If you didn't see the reveal of my island you can check that out in the post just before this one. I didn't mention in it that I have always liked the beadboard look. I don't think I would like this piece had it not been part of it - both ends, two front doors and the drawer front.
Thanks for stopping by and there will be two more autumn decoration posts to come - the dining room and the front porch area.



  1. Such beautiful things you have! Love how you have decorated.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I have a lot of things in a small space, but I enjoy them!


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