Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Reveal..........

I was out in the yard early this morning, the air was cool, the sun had just come up and was still shadowy, the neighborhood was quiet and I decided today is the day! I am going to do it today! So, I got my shovel, clippers, and headed to the corner where............

...........the old bottle is.  Now only partly covered with soil and a root. Remember this? I told you, in another post, when I first discovered it years ago, about nine years, I think, there was only a very small piece of glass showing. And, immediately I began to wonder what it was. Could it be a really nice treasure that has been here for maybe a hundred years or more? It remained pretty much the same until about two years ago and little more was showing. I could tell it was a bottle of some kind and could see down through it and it had liquid in it. Then recently it became more uncovered and my dreams were diminished, but knew I would take time to dig it up, some day.

Well, today was the day and the first thing I did was to cut through the root and got it out of the way.

So when I saw a corner of a crumpled can I knew this is probably  the remains of a secret party when this back lot was still uncleared. But, still worth the dig - it was obviously a much stronger metal can than today's aluminum ones.

Almost there!

Ta dah! A big size Pepsi bottle with the screw type lid still on it. At least it isn't a plastic bottle with a plastic lid. Do they still sell these big glass bottles? I don't think I see them anymore. Should I clean it up and keep it? It is probably about half way there to being a collectors item, haha.

I haven't even tried to unscrew the lid.

It left an interesting indentation in the ground!  It must have had moss growing between the bottle and the paper label which appears to still be there. 

The crumbled can is nothing to get excited about either - a Schlitz beer can. Oh well, now we know and I had fun watching the bottle appear a little more each year and then having the final dig!!

 While I was back in the corner with my camera I took a few pictures of the old mossy bench - one of my favorite treasures!  It looked really neat in the early morning shade with the moss wet and looking very green.

It has some resurrection fern growing on it too.


An interesting little setting here along the path.
Then, way across on the opposite corner, I noticed the angels were having tea.

She is still reading while she sips.


This one seems a little exasperated, probably not too different from the way you are feeling with this kind of blog post!

Well, I decided to join them and went and got my cup.

So there you have it. Probably not the kind of "reveal" you were expecting but looks like you stuck with me until the end.


  1. I bet that if you hang on to that bottle long enough you'll find a creative purpose for it. And we will all be saying "Why didn't I think of that?"

  2. I didn't know they made Pepsi bottles that big in glass. I would keep it!

  3. Me again, my husband remembers these from the early 1970's. Cost 2.50...he bought them all the time when he was in college!

    1. Thanks, Ceekay. I am going to keep it. I tried the lid after the post and it came right off. I will keep it too, of course, but now it can be cleaned inside. You may even see it pictured again sometime.


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