Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking Pretty in the Shade Garden

I have a little bit of fall colors in the garden. Not your usual turning leaves, etc. And, there is always a lot of green until those few times we get a hard freeze.

By Christmas the Wild Coffee berries will be all red.

Night Jasmine
Coleus fall colors



More Coleus

The BIG dragonfly is still hanging around.

Can you see, on the right side, a small table with a glass? I did a lot of work out here Saturday morning......

......and decided to have my breakfast here. It was quite pleasant. I don't usually put fig bars in my cereal bowl. It was just easier to carry everything out in one trip that way.

I could really get hooked on Arizona's green tea with citrus (also, Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey)! I find it very refreshing, although I don't usually have it with breakfast. I had already put in about two hours of work so, the cold tea tasted very good!

This little one was looking on.

And these. The bubbling water is always a good sound in the quiet of the morning.

This is the first picture I have taken that shows the water bouncing off

This ginger always looks pretty much the same  - year round.




I zoomed in from way across the yard and this is what I got. This is one of  my favorite pictures that I have taken lately.
Let's see, what can I show and tell about next time? Maybe the refreshing of the raised beds and another thing or so.  Or, perhaps the fall look on the front porch and nearby - we'll see.

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