Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: All Shaped up in the Garden.....


























This is a lot of shapes for one garden and I have several more nestled among the plants that aren't showing here!
Thank you  for looking and I hope your day "shapes" into a great one.


  1. Have you seen those photos of "shapes" that resemble letters of the alphabet? I bet you could find a lot of those in your yard to create a collage. I may have to search for them when I visit next time.

    1. I have seen those, in fact a friend gave me one that says: TRUST. I have never thought about making one myself. I know where we can find an S. haha.

  2. Interesting post! Funny how we forget to look at the little things. This is one thing I like about reading peoples posts. They really make me think and see things in a new way!

  3. Enjoyed this post with your "shape" photos! Great shots of the ornaments and interesting to see the close up views!


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