Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas in the Kitchen - part I

I have been missing from blogville for longer than I wanted to be! I just got busy with other things, mostly Christmas decorating. I had fully intended to do two posts about my experiences in the Smoky mountains. Now that it is December, my decorating is finished and my Christmas banner is showing, I am ready to move on and let you see what I have done this year - starting in the kitchen.....

After much trial and error I have the look I like on the little island.

The little pine tree has been waiting outside until the time came to move it in. I love it just as it is (no decorations) here on the island top.

It had been years since I had done anything with citrus and spices so, decided to do this with some oranges and cloves.  For the slices, I put them single layer, on a baking pan in a low-heat oven to start the drying. I left them for an hour or so. About three of them got some twine tied around them.

The whole oranges have a design done with whole cloves. To make it easier on your fingers it is a good idea to pierce the orange with an ice pick or something small and sharp before inserting the clove. They smelled sooooooooo good! You are going to notice several versions of peppermint candy in my house again this year. I just can't seem to get over my "thing" for red and white stripes.

This rose hip potpourri lost it's fragrance long ago but I still use it at this time of year with this gingerbread boy.

This is no longer on the island but I wanted to show this picture I made when it was there. It is something new, purchased in a specialty shop in Jonesborough, Tennessee last month. I love the little server and need to come up with "a little slice of heaven" to serve someone.
This is the same apron that has been hanging here, but the blue has been replaced with red and you can see the blue striped towels gave up their place to these red ones.



The red strips on the shoulders came around two packs of four napkins. Marketing people really know what they are doing! I might not have bought the napkins without the red pieces around them. Although, I didn't have a clue how I would use them. I knew the red look would not stay here forever, so I didn't sew them on, just placed them loose.  The same with the red napkin on the pocket. That and a sprig of Christmas berries is all it took to turn a blue and white apron into a temporary Christmas look.
There is much more in the kitchen to show but there will be a part II and maybe a part III coming soon.
I have been in the Christmas mood for awhile now. I participated in a Christmas Tea yesterday at Leu Gardens in Orlando. I have my annual Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch coming up this Saturday morning. How about you? Are you busy into holiday doings?


  1. I think you've inspired me to make some dried orange slices!

    1. Good! There is a chance they will mold before they totally dry, but so far so good. There might be a way to prevent that but, like with a lot of things, I get knee deep without researching.


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