Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas and all Through the House........

                                .....Not a creature was stirring, not even me!

I had to take today "off" and enjoyed some rest and Snickerdoodle milk.

Before I start packing up and putting away all the decorations, I still want to show a few more. Every room in the house has at least a few Christmas decorations. This is the little guest bedroom.  The white streaks on the red throw is the white bedspread showing through the fringe.

On the bed, in front of the pillows, a plain wreath and a metal stocking gives the bed a festive look.

If you were following the blog last year, and the year before that, you saw a similar look to this one on the dresser.

The white yarn trees are added to the old open suitcase and a spray of berries with a red bow helps to say Merry Christmas.



The "lady" is now wearing her necklace just in case some guests arrive. Someone needs to help me come up with a good name for "lady".

Six chairs at the dining room table have one of these white wire balls hanging in the back. This one is a good finishing touch to this little vignette on the table top.

A delicate wire holly garland on the clock is the little extra here.

A cream and white stocking hangs on the entrance door.

And nearby, at the end of the dresser is this Santa basket holding holiday magazines.  I have a hard time getting rid of holiday magazines. Some of them are timeless anyhow and I bring them out every year and decorate with them and look through several.
Just outside, across the hall, is the linen closet door with a Mickey ornament.

Now, in my bedroom the bed got two extra red pillows and a wreath on the wall.

I have several little touches in both bathrooms but this is a good stopping place for this post.
If I can get it done in the next week, I will post my dining room table settings for two brunches. I promise - no more Christmas stuff after New Years day! I have loads of garden pictures to start showing!



  1. Oooo, You made "my" room look so Christmas-y. I like it! Hmmm... a name for your lady... am going to have to think on that.


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