Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in the Kitchen part II

Featured in part II will be this corner with all its Christmas "finery". As you might guess, I have to pack away a lot of the everyday things that occupies this area throughout the year.

You can see the top of the little pine tree, sitting on the floor. That was showing on top of the island in part one. I had my Gifts From the Kitchen annual brunch on Saturday and the island top was used for more than just sitting there being pretty. This picture was made on that day.


I will show several close-ups of the corner starting with the big shelf. As with every year the wire tree gets to be front and center.

This proud, prancing reindeer is in the kitchen this year for the first time. I think he looks right at home up here.
I know some of you will remember this yarn tree and several other things from last year. The tree is again inside the sewing machine drawer.

Too bad the candle wasn't burning when this was made. The big crock is one "everyday" thing that fits in at Christmas time and always gets to stay, showing off the antique utensils.

The little wooden egg santa always makes the cut, too.
Moving down to the white drawer cabinet top.

I found this old jar in an antique shop and it is just the place for some bottle-brush trees. I just now noticed this picture was made before it snowed in the jar! It looks better with about a "foot" of snow.
I bought this thinking I couldn't go wrong even if the relish inside wasn't good, I would get my money's worth just to enjoy the jar. As it turned out I love the relish, too.

The twine ball snowman is back for the second year.

  Polka dots are so cheerful and makes one happy, no matter what they are on!
And now, on down to the short white table.

If you looked last year, you might remember all these things.
I think I will stop here and show the remainder of the kitchen in part III.  I have all the other rooms to show yet and also pictures from the brunch. So, be sure to check back for those posts between now and Christmas day.


  1. Your kitchen looks wintery enough to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, even in Florida. My favorite touch is the stockings hanging from the shelf. They're just kinda "there" but give the whole thing a "hung by the chimney" feel.

  2. I loved the stockings when I saw them in Michaels, I believe, in the middle of the summer. They were not intended for Christmas, but I immediately thought of that use.

  3. Hi Betty,
    I love all your decorations!! SO cute.
    Your corner of the kitchen looks like a shop.
    Darling wire tree, and love the jingle bells.
    What ever do you do with the regular decorations that you have in that corner?

    I try to put away my everyday things, in order to put up seasonal décor, and then somehow.. I misplace some things.

    Warm wishes..

  4. Thanks, Kerin. I pack the "regular" things in the plastic bins that the Christmas came out of and pile them back in closets. I do seasonal decorating that way in a few areas of my little house. Next to come out will be a more winter look and then before Easter -spring, and then summer. Just keep rotating.

  5. Such a darling and cheery kitchen you have for Christmas! A delight to see!


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