Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Brunch Gifts ..........

............Following yesterday's post is this one showing the "gifts" part of my Gifts From the Kitchen brunch.........

After enjoying the brunch food and visiting a bit, we gather in the sitting area (my furniture is really not that orange) to do the "presenting of our gifts". For those that haven't heard it before, I ask each to bring a container with something from their kitchen for each participant - one for each, all alike.
First up is Sarah.
Sarah brought cookies in a cute snowman pitcher. She brought a bonus gift - a Christmas novel. Now you know were I got the candy cane hanging from my pantry doorknob with green ribbon.

Catherine brought a nice gingerbread house box.
She always supplies the recipe. And, besides her pumpkin bread, she had some extras in the house.
Each one usually has a "story" to tell. Deborah was funny with hers: " I found this tacky green bowl and a got this tacky orange cookie cutter and then decided to make white trash for the food"!

Her presentation was negative but the bowl is not tacky, I love the shape and size, her cookie cutter is cute and her white trash was good.

My daughter-in-law MaryRose was "thinking big" and chose a cute snowman pedestal bowl.

She put two bags of chocolate doughnut holes inside.

The bird on Lynda's shirt looks like it is sitting on her bag of pretty meringue cookies.

She also didn't stop with a container of food. She put several things in the beautiful "book".  There was a pretty red dish, a little bag of Christmas tea bags and the cutest little girl figurine.

My daughter Carrie chose a cloth lined wire basket for her container. She did candy coated oreos for her food - yummy and pretty.
She included a cutout word in each. We got "merry" or "believe".
This is me. I found these bail jars sold in a box of three. I needed to get three boxes and that meant I would get to keep two. I also made "white trash" but mine and Deborah's recipes were different ones.
I like the twisted, bright silver bail these have. But, I was not happy with just the plain jar.  I was already working on making napkin rings with the "jewel" decorated burlap (by the yard, H.L) so I thought it would be just the thing to dress them up and can be easily removed.  I also got the tree ornament trim there too. To prevent the trimmings from being too costly, I bought enough ornaments to divide in half to dangle. Everything from HL was on sale but I never dreamed it would take so many yards of ribbon. And, would be embarrassed to say how many trips I went back for more! I loved it, though!
I think I am now finished showing Christmas pictures!



  1. Nice! I don't recall seeing your gift, though. Was it in an earlier post that I missed?

    1. I guess I forgot myself. I am going to add my picture in now.

    2. Very nice! Love the burlap detail.

  2. What nice goodies and pretty containers! Enjoyed the pictures, but missed seeing you and your gifts.

    1. I forgot mine! Thanks for noticing. I am adding it now.


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