Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas in the Kitchen - part III

I would guess that you have been so busy with holiday preparations and festivities that you haven't noticed that my posts are still far apart. I have been caught up in the fun and work of this time of year. Today you will see about everything Christmas, in the kitchen, not already shown in part I and II. If you missed those be sure to go take a look.

My citrus display has diminished. Most of the whole oranges didn't keep. But, you will notice the sweets have grown!

You will see and hear a little more about the candy-coated oreos in a later post.

I dressed the window with last years ticking ties. But on the sill, where the snowmen have always stood, I left the white pitchers. I have enjoyed them so much through the year and decided to give them a bit of trim and leave them in place.

The curly ribbon with tiny bells has been used over and over, year after year, in different ways. Between each pitcher is what was place-setting, table d├ęcor from last year.

And, would you look!! Just like in the Fall, when the pitchers got some new trim, the next morning the rose bush sent out a spy!

See it there peeping around from the right?

You know how I like jars and I just hung this one last week. I took the easy way out and used a hook that was already in the window at the top. It is not the best placement but I figured it is good enough.

It is so pretty when the candle is lit.

Over on the wall, by the big shelf you saw in the first post, is the hanging chair. Angels and a very antlered reindeer makes for an interesting group.

Just below the chair on the wall - the high-chair.

One of my favorite groupings this year is the hot drink station. Down in the basket is a selection of tea and hot chocolate.

I keep trying to like flavored coffee and thought Dunkin Donut's Peppermint Mocha (barely visible) might be the one I could enjoy but no, I don't really like it either!
These two seem to be extremely content to hang around here on the stove top.

The little blackboard is giving the proper greeting of the season.

Part of the snowmen found a place here in the corner since they got crowded out of the window. I would miss them if they weren't showing anywhere. Some have been a part of about thirty Christmases.

Grayson and his mate are still up here - but insisted on having their own Christmas trim!

This piece might be one too many now with the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen but, I missed having it here and put it back.

It is the perfect place for the old crockery bowl with white balls and citrus in the bottom basket.


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