Monday, December 30, 2013

Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch......

My annual  Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch took place on December 7th......

I always try to get as much as possible done ahead of time. The table was set the night before. I used some new silver chargers (a Thanksgiving night bargin from Michaels) which dressed it up nice. A lot of good things take place at night but, picture taking is not among them. At least not my picture taking.

I am so glad I took this picture of the centerpiece the night before, the lights weren't working the next morning and I didn't have have the presence of mind that morning to change the batteries!


I had no plans to have new napkins until I saw the plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby. I was already working on the burlap and sparkles napkin rings. I like the look of rustic and glitzy together.


The "hit" of the table, however,  seemed to be the little bottles and straws.

At the last minute they were filled with "Baptist Champagne" which is white grape juice and ginger ale. I like to use a little more ginger ale than juice.

I already had the jingle bell rubber stamp, so it was easy to make the little cards to hang on the straw. I enjoyed drinking eight mocha cappuccinos to have the bottles to use!  

These ladies arrived early to help me do the last minute things. This year it was Lynda and Deborah.
It is just about starting time and everything is ready except the biscuits.

The food is all on the buffet except there is the empty biscuit server! The crockpot looked better before I removed the cloth to be able to take the lid off and forgot to pull it back up.

And, on this buffet the mocha punch on one end and tea things on the other.
Come on biscuits!!! We are hungry!
Finally, there they are. Another hit of the brunch was a new recipe I tried - a crockpot breakfast dish. It is definitely a keeper.

We all gathered round, except for my daughter who took the picture.
We got a good group picture except for some glasses reflection. I have shown the food and decorations of the party and next post I will show the "gifts" part.


  1. Lovely table and the food looks delicious....certainly a nice annual event!!

    1. Thanks, Freida. It is always a fun time - very nice ladies!


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