Friday, January 17, 2014

Cozy Comfort.......

.......We are back down in the thirty degrees category again! I have a hard time getting comfortable when it is that cold. I have the heat on but, seems like the house never gets warm to stay unless I turn the thermostat way up. I turn to  warm and cozy decor to make a difference.........

I love the knit basket I found just before Christmas .......

Part of my decorating would fall under  Cottage Style  which can be very cozy.

Maybe I need to just put the white candles away?

And even though I have the tiny lights in this pedestal stand (new from my daughter) it has an icy look.

Probably need to surround it with some warm colors?

Here we go! This is a warm and cozy look.

Feeling some warmth here, too.

Hot tea in a pretty cup is definitely warming.

Hand worked linens contribute warm feelings!

Since I am not working outside on the cold days, bringing some flowers inside to enjoy is a good thing to do.

Nothing says warm and cozy any better than a sweater-clad mug of coffee and Nonni's Biscotti

Yesterday the "warm and comfortable" came from some freshly baked cornbread and turnip greens from the raised bed garden.

Ahhhhh. We are on a roll here! Sausage/gravy and biscuits for breakfast starts the morning off in a cozy, comfortable way.

We are in the strawberry season now. I need to plan a trip to Pappy's Patch.  The experience of  "pick your own" is just as good as eating them.

I definitely like to garnish with sage leaves better than eating them! That is one herb that I like way better dried than fresh. 

Actually, the more I come up with warm and cozy things, the more I feel blessed to have the cold air which provides  the opportunity to enjoy cold weather pleasures.

And now maybe I will put my fuzzy spa sock, feet up awhile and just consider myself quite warm, cozy and blessed! Maybe put some strawberry jam on that second biscuit.  I've got a book to finish reading................


  1. I know I've said it before but I think it bears repeating... Your photography has really been taken a few levels up. I hope your pleasant weather returns to you soon. We're just headed into our cold season. Not looking forward to that!

  2. Everything looks so pretty, and the food makes me hungry....looks delicious, and tempting...well, all but the coffee. ;-)


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