Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Front Door.......

Someone once said, "the most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time." Well, this week I have felt a call to creative work. Not wanting to be that regretful person I gave it a little time and work.  The result.......

...............this new door jewelry! Actually, this has been in the corner of my mind since back in the heat of the summer when I bought this large silver tray. I bought it with the plan that it would be part of a new winter door decoration. I think sometime before that I had seen a silver tray used in a similar way on Pinterest. 

I knew I wanted mine kind of sparse. I like the idea of the bright silver color but wanted it down-played to look like the dead of winter.  

I already had the bare branches and thinking this would need a little more than that, I purchased one large sprig that has just a few green leaves. I made it into four shorter sprigs and interspersed those with the bare pieces and  tied them together with the green ribbon I found in my tub of ribbons.

I found the big S at Michaels where I bought the sprig. It is black, the color I wanted, thin and a good size.

I have had a shallow glass bowl with an assortment of silver baubles sitting on my dresser, year round. I robbed it of these three to use here. The finish on the balls has a special name but, for the life of me, cannot think of the word. Don't ever think something like these can only be used for Christmas. Used the right way and in the right place, they are good for any time of the year.


The silver tray was a chore to photograph. The green look on the tray is not there when you see it in real life.  I never did get a real good picture but, I think you get the idea and overall look.  Now, the rest of the little entrance is kind of pitiful looking. That's why you are only seeing the door! I need to figure out something complimentary for the window-box shelf and black bench until it is time for the spring bunnies to come out!

I am sure that intellectual sounding person who I quoted in the beginning had something quite different in mind when he mentioned "creative work" but, this satisfies me, for now.


  1. Very nice! So glad you decided to not be regretful :-)

  2. How unique and pretty your "door jewelry" turned out...definitely a piece of "creative work!"


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