Monday, January 6, 2014

The Perked up Winter White Desk...... was a bit of a challenge, took a long time but, I finally got the shelves arranged in a way that I like. I first tried to use all the things you will see minus the red and it just wasn't working. And since this room is home to a red sofa and loveseat, a touch of red is needed elsewhere. I borrowed the clock and berry arrangement from the guest bedroom.

You may remember that I do these shelves according to the season. Winter is always the hardest.
This is the bottom shelf, where the phone must stay. I can't totally hide it but try to downplay with something. This time I chose one of my tags. I went on a tag-making tangent two or three years ago. I gave most of them away but am glad I kept this one.
Valentines Day is coming up soon so this will fit in with that. Next to Halloween and St. Patrick's day, Valentines is my third least favorite. So, I do very little in decorating to portray that theme.

There's nothing better than a berry arrangement in a small urn except for maybe one sitting on a book.
This old-fashioned girl pulling her basket has been a part of most seasons here for several years. I suppose I could have found something better than the hydrangeas for her basket but, I got lazy and didn't look very hard

The last thing on the far right, this wooden picture. Again, the subject is not all that good but the look works o.k.
The big wooden S fits in all the time.
The bee is actually a napkin ring but at $10. each I knew better than to think about more than one. It is prettier than it shows in this picture.

Books are always good. This one was my mother's and I am happy to have it here.

This little skinny-legged bird was a Christmas gift. If she doesn't make you smile, why not?
At the end of this middle shelf is another Christmas gift. The eight-sided box. The picture does not do it justice. It has a primitive look that I like very much. It is standing on a"book" box that was on the shelf in another season but was standing with the front showing.

There may be too many birds within this winter scene but, they help the overall look with a spot of red here and there.

On the upper left, something alive (not really) and green is always good.
This is another vignette that stays through half the seasons. Someone might wonder why I would take this picture in a vertical direction since it shows the shelf below. Since doing a lot of pictures for the blog and Pinterest I almost never take horizontal pictures. They look diminished and insignificant compared to vertical. That is especially true on Pinterest.

This clock is an unusual oval shaped clock because the oval is side to side. It looks a little distorted like the horizontal pictures, now that I am thinking of it. I like the clock, though,  and borrowed it from the guest room, also.

I had no need at all for three assorted drawer pulls but knew when I saw them on sale at Hobby Lobby that they would be cute somewhere. Here they are!

This one is large for a knob. It is easier for me to buy things I really like the look of, not having a clear plan but have an assortment to chose from when things get changed around. All three of these didn't add up to $10. like the bee napkin ring.

One more look of the complete arrangement.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it enough to return time after time.


  1. I absolutely smiled when I saw your little whimsy bird!

  2. The shelf arrangement turned out nice! I especially like the red touches. Didn't comment at the time I looked at previous post, but wanted to add the "winter table" looks beautiful.


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