Friday, January 24, 2014

Something New...........

............I was called late in the day yesterday to be a Bunco substitute. It was a cold day and when it was time to get ready and get out in it, I was wishing I had declined.  Later, as always, I was glad for the opportunity and enjoyed being with the ladies, enjoyed the good food and was one of three who tied for first in the game. Or should it be  3 = tried instead of tied??  In the end, I lost the roll-off for first.  There are no losers at Bobbie's house, however!  She lets first place choose first from the nice prizes, but there is something for everybody.  

I waited until most had chosen but still came home with this neat glass piece. 

It is a very unusual piece - shaped almost like a banana holder with the front end lower than the back end. I just happened to have on hand the perfect thing to put in it. So, here it is on the island holding the big bunch of grapes. Funny, I had removed them from the refrigerator yesterday before Bunco, so I would be reminded to eat them before they spoil. If you have been reading my blog long you probably know, I like the pattern the light makes through the glass!

I had already put the tall candle stand here......

Added some sparkles this morning......

lit the candle and.....

............along with the black chicken towel and little server, the island has a new look. If you ever have a decorative towel with no place to hang it, fold it, roll one end under and place it in an appropriate grouping. Have I told you that already? Oh well, a reminder.

Look what I captured after I blew out the candle. It's not something that would excite everybody but I love the picture of smoke!

Now, to show you the paperwhite update. Do you see what I see?

Beginning to burst forth!!! Next time you see these they will be in full of bloom.

What is going on in your busy life?


  1. A beautiful reward for filling a need!

  2. Beautiful dish! Congratuations. I love the smoke picture! I like to try to capture different things with my camera. That is a really great capture! I love how it dances around.

  3. Isn't that always how it goes. I hate to get ready and go, but once I am there I have such a great time. So fun to see SOMETHING blooming!



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